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Empire of Francia - OOC

Post by DeltaV on Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:24 pm

For OOC discussion of the country, and also for me to put some things.

Spending Log
Total: 90CU
-87.5CU for projects
Total: 2.5CU
+95CU from income (minus military and mutual treasury)
Total: 97.5CU
-80CU for projects
Total: 17.5CU
+105CU from income (minus military and mutual treasury)
Total: 122.5CU
-80CU for projects
Total: 42.5CU
+ 112CU from income (minus mutual treasury)
Total: 174.5CU
- 125CU for projects
Total: 49.5CU

Military Units
4 Standard Infantry + Bayonets: 3CU
2 Heavy Cavalry: 3CU
2 Light Cavalry: 2CU
2 Artillery: 3CU

1 Light Ship: 2CU
1 Heavy Ship: 4CU
1 Artillery Ship: 3CU

Total Maintenance:
20CU / 20PP at peacetime, 2x at war

Zones of Control
Ile de France: 3,278,181 / 750px
Bretagne-Normandie: 3,278,181 / 750px
Aquitaine: 3,278,181 / 750px

- Rifling
- Industrialization
- Mechanized Farming
- Industrial Chemistry
- Steam Locomotives


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