The United Kingdom of Scandinavia and The Danelaw

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The United Kingdom of Scandinavia and The Danelaw

Post by Yuriski on Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:09 pm

Our Territory and Claims:

Our History:

Capital City: Copenhagen.
Major Cities: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm.
Number of Cities: 3.
Government Type: Parliamentary Monarchy.
Economic System: An early form of Nordic Capitalism.
Leader Names: King Frederick VI; Grand Chancellor Severin Albinson.
Ruling Political Faction: The Nobility.

Population: 9,000,000.
Taxes per Cycle: 90cu.
Income Per Cycle: 61cu.
Industrial Capacity: 61 PP.

The UKSD Military | 78 MP / 39cu:
Royal Army | 32 MP / 16cu:
12 Standard Infantry Regiments (With Bayonets) - 12 (18) MP / 6 (9)cu.
4 Light Cavalry Regiments - 8 MP / 4cu.
2 Artillery Regiments - 6 MP / 3cu.
Royal Navy | 46 MP / 23cu:
The UKSD Royal Navy is stationed in the Faeroe isles, combined with the Irish Navy as part of the North Sea Naval Alliance.

3 Fire Ships - 12 MP / 6cu.
3 Light Ships - 12 MP / 6cu.
2 Heavy Ships - 16 MP / 8cu.
1 Artillery Ship - 6 MP / 3cu.
The UKSD Armoury:

Serving Population: 39 PP.
Military Maintenance Costs: 39cu.

Our Technologies:
The technologies we have researched are highlighted in green. Technologies in research are highlighted in red.
Our Infrastructure:
5 National Bank Branches (In Construction - All built by 30/08/2015).
4 Farms (In Construction - All built by 30/08/2015).

Our Foreign Relations:

The Kingdom of Irland and the Isles.

Friendly Nations
None currently.

All not listed.

None currently.

Enemies / At War
None currently.
Our Organisations:
None currently.
Our Treaties and Agreements:



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