The Kingdom of Irland and the Isles

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The Kingdom of Irland and the Isles

Post by Charzy on Sat Aug 15, 2015 3:19 pm

The Kingdom of Irland and the Isles
Welcome, traveller, to the Kingdom of Irland and the Isles.

The current reigning sovereign is His Royal Majesty Magnus VI Magnusson, by Grace of the Allfather King of Irland and the Isles, Jarl of Dyflin and of Søreyar and of Grønland and of Island and of Orkney and of Mann and of Føroyar and of Hetland, Lord of Vinland and of Bjørnland and of Fjelland and of Gressland and of Karland, Defender of the Faith and Protector of the Realm.
Let it be known that all those within the realm are subject to the laws and decrees of His Royal Majesty the King.

Below, find maps of both the home territories and of the overseas possessions of the crown.
The Home Territories:
Overseas Crown Possessions:

The Armed Forces
Royal Army - 26 MP
Stationed in Dyflin
Standard Infantry x 8 - 8 MP
Heavy Cavalry x 3 - 9 MP
Artillery x 3 - 9 MP

North Sea Naval Alliance Irlandic Division - 46MP:
Stationed in Orkney
Light Ship x 3 - 12 MP
Fire Ship x 3 - 12 MP
Heavy Ship x 2 - 16 MP
Artillery Ship x 1 - 6 MP
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