Project Points (PP)

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Project Points (PP)

Post by Crichton on Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:47 pm

Project points (or PP) are used for construction, research and production of everything within the RP. Each nation has a limited amount of PP (determined by national focus and population, see the national focuses thread), and that amount determines what projects can be done at any one time. For example, a nation with a PP value of 100 can do a single 100PP project at one time, or two 50PP projects, or 100 1PP projects. PP is 'occupied', by projects until they are finished-it isn't used up.

A PP project will take time-specifically it will take it's PP value in hours. It will also cost money-each PP occupied for an hour costs 0.5MK. For example, a 100PP project will take 50MK and 100 hours, but two simultaneous 50PP projects will cost 50MK and take only fifty hours.

These values can be changed by switching a project to half speed or double speed. A project in half speed will occupy half of the PP and cost half as much money, but take twice as long, and vice-versa for double speed.

Corps can be granted PP for no additional charge, while nations assisting one another occur a +50% PP penalty.
AKA, 100 PP project now costs 150 PP, if that PP is from another nation.

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Re: Project Points (PP)

Post by Yuriski on Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:58 am

Project costs may be split between nations. If multiple nations are producing buildings or military units, they may use their PP in canon. This means that if 3 nations were completing a 30 PP project, all 3 nations would spend 10 PP one after another. IE: Alphastan spends it's 10 PP first. Bravoland then spends it's 10 PP after Alphastan completes it's part. Charliea finally spends it's share after Bravoland finishes.

Researching technologies however, have to be completed at the same time. Nations may split the research costs, but the amount of time it takes to research a technology keeps the original amount. Example: Alphastan and Bravoland are researching a technology worth 50 PP. They both agree to spend 25 PP each to get the technology. This means that each nation shall only be spending 17.5 MK, however the total time of completion is still 50 hours.



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