The Provincial Republic of Turkey (Nationalist Turkey)

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The Provincial Republic of Turkey (Nationalist Turkey)

Post by Caesar15 on Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:30 pm

Provincial Turkish Republic (Nationalist Turkey is the most popular shorthand)


Zones of Control and Claims:

Capital City: Senazir (Constantinople)

Government Type: Republic (Well it's a "Republic" with minor elections but the main power is held by the current Generalissimo)

Economic System: State Capitalism

Leader Name: Generalissimo Azad Çakmak  

Ruling Party Faction: National Revolutionary Party

History: 200 years after the fall of Constantinople, things were unstable in the Ottoman Empire. Multiple civil wars had occurred in the past decade due to incompetent sultans and their unwilling heirs. Things were looking rough, and a competent general had delusions of grandeur. His name was Sun Şen. He spent years working with people around him and developing a network of printing presses across the empire. He finally declared his intent on overthrowing the recently coronated Sultan. The Sultan, being a young 15 year old, was largely unable to do as he stood and watched the armies of Şen take Constantinople. What seemed to be a mere coup however, sparked into a revolution as Şen's network of printing presses spurred the war weary Turkish people into action against the corrupt and incompetent monarchy. Şen promised a more liberal society, these thoughts allowed him to seize the day. When Şen's Revolutionary Army finally secured most of the Empire, it seemed like the decline had been reversed. However, this was too good to be true. After a triumph held in Constantinople, Şen mysteriously disappeared. Nobles, surrounded in fear about what Şen promised to the people, assassinated Şen on the night of the triumph. Before the nobles could take any sort of power though, Şen's heir apparent, General Azad Çakmak, took action. He lead the Revolutionary Army across the Bosphorus and into the heartland of Turkey, where he hunted down the nobles that took Şen's life. These were still dire however, as news of Şen's death quickly spread to the outposts of the empire, and nobles took charge and formed their own independent lands in an attempt to combat this revolution. With his power base split, Çakmak found it hard to continue. He launched a campaign into central Turkey, but was decisively defeated and then captured at Ankara. When a release was finally negotiated, the nobles had a firm grip on what was left of the empire. Çakmak led various expeditions and solidified his rule on what he had left. Çakmak was not like Şen though, he felt the need to unify what the empire used to be before any sort of liberalization could occur. Şen's experimental plans for a Republic ended at his death.

National Revolutionary Army
6 Standard Army Regiments-6 MP
4 Standard Army Regiments with bayonets-6 MP
2 Artillery Units- 6MP
3 Light Cavalry- 6 MP
24 MP Total

The Revolutionary Navy
2 Heavy Ships- 16 MP
4 Light Ships- 16 MP

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