Mobilization of the Royal Korean Armed Forces in Gyusyu

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Mobilization of the Royal Korean Armed Forces in Gyusyu

Post by Paradox on Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:16 pm

In the early hours of the morning a messenger arrives at the residence of the Korean Governor of Gyusyu. After being let in by the guards, the man gives  a letter, marked with the Imperial Japanese crests, to the Governor before departing. Half awake, the Governor quickly skims over the contents of the letter before the full weight of the situation hits him. With the knowledge that the straights are distance of three days away on foot, he knows that there is not enough time to ask the Royal Government in Hanseong for how to respond to the Japanese. After thinking over the possible options, the Governor makes an executive decision to fight against the Japanese. "Mobilize the Gyusyu fleet and get them out of the harbor! And have the local troops be prepared for the Japanese army to arrive some time in the next three days!" Barking out orders to his servants, the Governor waits for them to depart to spread the word before returning to his private study. Taking out paper, he begins to write a letter to the Royal Government.

To the Royal Government,

I am writing to inform you of a letter we have received from the Japanese. They have given us a single day to surrender our military to them before they cross the Kanmon Straits and retake Gyusyu by force. Knowing that this letter will not arrive until well after their provided deadline, I have made the decision to stand and fight against them. By the time this reaches you, we will have already engaged the Japanese. We will try and hold out against them for as long as possible, but it is likely we will not last very long against their military. If possible, I kindly request that you contact our fellow nations to gain military assistance against the Japanese aggressors. The era of peace is over. We are once again entering a time of conflict and war.

Kim Jae-suk
Korean Governor of Gyusyu

Military Currently in Hukuoka, Gyusyu (Fukuoka, Kyushu):
4 Standard Infantry Regiments - 4 MP
2 Light Cavalry Regiments - 4 MP
1 Heavy Cavalry Regiments - 3 MP
1 Artillery Regiment - 3 MP

Gyusyu Fleet
Goguryeo [Light Ship] - 4 MP
Silla [Light Ship] - 4 MP
Baekje [Light Ship] - 4 MP
Gaya [Light Ship] - 4 MP
Sejong the Great (Flagship) [Heavy Ship] - 8 MP

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