Empirical Seat announces Agrical Reforms.

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Empirical Seat announces Agrical Reforms.

Post by Warriorbulb on Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:27 pm

Iberian Empirical Seat announces expansive Agrical Reforms
September 1805

        This Morning, Jesús Maria del Arco, head of the Empirical Iberian Agriculture Council announced an expansive reform to the current agricultural infrastructure.  With harvest coming up soon, the Council has recieved the enormous amount of 14.875 million gold coins, which will be put to use with utmost efficiency building many thousands of farms in both Andalucia, Aragon, and León.  Then, in 1807, the government shall handout these farms to randomly selected families.  The Council says this plan will encourage further growth from the rest of the populous and greatly expand the borders of our territories.

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