The Voyage of La Estrella del Amanacer

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The Voyage of La Estrella del Amanacer

Post by Warriorbulb on Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:11 am

The Empirical Seat recently revealed the case files regarding the potential loss of a 1754 expedition to North and South America, led by the Flagship La Estrella del Amanacer. The final word of this fateful expedition was in 1755, where the fleet was prepared to go around the Magellan straits and explore Panama and California. The only surviving ship of the fleet, the cargo ship Santa Fe, left the fleet before crossing the straits. The other 3 ships, including the Light Ship Amanacer, were under the command of Don Pedro de Torrevieja. The current whereabouts of Don Pedro and this loyal sailors are known only to God.

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