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The Swedish Empire Empty The Swedish Empire

Post by Yuriski on Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:45 pm

Det Svenska Riket


The Swedish Empire DNZC7YX

Zones of Control and Claims:
Claims and Regions:
The Swedish Empire H7fy8Op
The Swedish Empire 3GDu6gS

Capital City: Stockholm.
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy.
Economic System: Capitalist.
Leader Name: King Gustaf IV.
Ruling Political Faction: House of Holstein-Gottorp (House of Oldenburg).
Most Followed Religion / State Religion: Catholicism.

History: During the Great Northern War, 1700-1709, having defeated the Danish and Poles and able to expand uncontested, Charles XII marched westwards into Norway, swiftly taking the Norwegian mainland in the short Swedish Conquest of Norway. This enabled the Swedish Empire to maintain it's status as a great power, as well as inherit the Norwegian throne through conquest.

By 1780, during the reign of Gustav III, most Norwegians had become to accept Sweden as their home, with only minor pockets of nationalists remaining. This could also be said for the residents of the Swedish Baltics, who have become accustomed to Swedish rule over the decades.

International Relations:

None Currently.

The Khanate of Turan

Everyone Not Listed

None Currently.

At War
None Currently.

Alliances: None.
Organisations: None.
Treaties: None.

The Swedish Army | 22 MP / 11cu:
8 Standard Infantry (Bayonets) | 12 MP
2 Light Cavalry | 4 MP
2 Artillery | 6 MP
The Swedish Navy | 28 MP / 14cu:
4 Light Ships | 12 MP

  • Gustav
  • Oslo
  • Gothenberger
  • Gotland

2 Heavy Ships | 16 MP

  • Stockholm
  • Sverige

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