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Nation Name: The Holy Roman Empire (Helige Romanisches Reich)
National Flag:
Holy Roman Empire - Hail Kaiser Latest?cb=20110415095654
Zones of Control and Claims:
Holy Roman Empire - Hail Kaiser IZZaGLj
Green - Bohemia
Red - Hansa
Brown - Brandenburg
Pink - Mecklenburg
Light Pink - Saxony
Yellow - Palatinate
Poop Brown - Mainz
Blue - Cologne
White - Austria
Blueish - Bavaria
Capital City: Brandenburg
Government Type: Elective HRE Monarchy/Kaiserdom
Economic System: Capitalism
Leader Name: Ferdinand II von Hohenzollern (Brandenburg)
Ruling Political Faction: The Kaiserlischens
Most Followed Religion / State Religion: Christianity
1528 - Colonial rights given to Welser family over St. Friedrich
1560 - The Palatinate-Mainz War - as the tensions grow between Palatinate and Mainz, due to one of the longest shared borders in the empire, a war sparks out. Palatinate wins it, although with a struggle. The current emperor demanded they concede their gained territories back to their righteous place, but they reject, and their electoral seat is taken away, and instead given to Bavaria.
1645 - Electoral status granted to the colonies, to calm their indepdendence desires down.
1651 - As the HRE starts flawing due to different laws, politics and taxation in its substates, a general law is put in place, making taxation, laws and outside politics the same in every of the duchies and kingdoms of the empire.
1652 - Bohemian man drank 2 whole barrels of vodka, and still lived, nation astonished.
1671 - Bohemia, on the brink of bankruptcy, decides to sell Saxony a piece of land for 100 ducats, and then proclaim it was taken by Saxons through force. The current emperor, Mainz, demanded Saxons cede the land back, and the Saxons, completely surprised of this teachery, fold to the demands, but do not get the money back. This proves Mainz to be an incompetent emperor, as Brandenburg noticed what actually happened. Bavaria elected instead.
1701 - During a lavish feast given by the Bohemians, the emperor is assasinated by being thrown out of the window. Civil war almost sparks out, but the Bohemians in time condemn the assasins, and capture them to quickly assasinate them in Prague.
1714-1722 - Succession crisis in Bavaria, Bavaria is split in two, with Munich going into empire's hands, and the other part going into the rebelliant's hands. To calm the rebellious vassals down, bunch of electoral seats are given out. Proves to work once more.
1733 - The head of a rebellion in the colonies is sent to the emperor. The emperor is amused by that person, and demands he jumps into a water well. Surprisingly, he climbs out again. After that he is executed (the rebelliant)
1788 - Because the colonies in Mittleamerika refused to sell us their goods, mainly sugar, which was the emperor's favourite treat, a crisis for them sparks out.
1789 - The crisis is settled, with Mittleamerika gaining more rights. The emperor can enjoy his sugar once more.
1799 - Brandenburg elected emperor for the first time, Bohemians claim it was a fraud, but quickly fold seeing noone approves of that.

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