Cascadian Projects

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Cascadian Projects

Post by Mobius on Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:38 am

Population: 9,363,600
Income per tax cycle: 91.8₡
Military Upkeep: -19.75₡ peace, -39.5₡ war

Net ₡: 72.05₡ peace, 52.3₡ war

Current Treasury: 218.55₡

RP: 93,636 [93.6 kRP]
Currently Researching: 20 kRP put towards Industrialization - Completed | 73.6 kRP put towards Steam Locomotives

Researched Technologies
Researched Technologies:


PP: 91.8
Military Points: 39.5 [-19.75 PP]

Net PP: 72.05


Current Projects
Current Projects:

Completed Projects
Completed Projects:
Mobilization :
moving 2x standard infantry, 2x light infantry, and 2x light cavalry to Huron territory to hunt for spooky scary Europoors
Light Infantry Production:
2 PP and 17.5 Cu spent creating 3 Light Infantry Regiments and Mittelamerikan-style armament for 5 regiments (shhh) - completion 10/5 2 AM PST

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