Turan projects; third cycle

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Turan projects; third cycle Empty Turan projects; third cycle

Post by Crichton on Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:31 pm

Will do an IC post for this later; these start at the moment the third cycle starts.

Movement of 200,000 people, (half speed); 4PP ₡2, 16 hours]
2*gathering point, 30PP, ₡15, 60 hours (half speed) and 1*factory, 25PP, ₡12.5, 100 hours (half speed) and 1*factory farm 25PP, ₡12.5, 100 hours (half speed)
when gathering points are done (after 60 hours);
1*factory farm 25PP, ₡12.5, 100 hours (half speed)
when first factory and factory farm are done (40 hours later)
2*factory farm, 50PP, ₡25, 100 hours (half speed)

Total; max of 80PP, ₡79.5, 216 hours

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