Terripanian-Kahlawian Commercial Accord

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Terripanian-Kahlawian Commercial Accord

Post by borisperrons on Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:05 pm

In order to enhance the Terripanan people living conditions, and enter a new era of mutually beneficial collaboration, The Single-Party Democratic Military State of the Island of Terripana, The Surrounding Waters, and the Terripanan People (henceforth 'State of Terripana') and the Empire of Kahlawia agree to the following terms:

-The State of Terripana will receive regular shipment of fertilizer and agricultural equipment for the following 10 years, and will agree to have the Empire of Kahlawia as its exclusive commercial partner for those goods;

-The Empire of Kahlawia will agree to provide the mentioned goods charging them with no more than 10% over the factory price, and will give priority to any order coming from the Terripanan government.


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Re: Terripanian-Kahlawian Commercial Accord

Post by Yuriski on Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:14 pm

Maestru-de-Comerciu and Vice-Presidente, Nicodemo Romero, signs for the State of Terripana.

A message from Maestru-de-Comerciu, Maestru-de-Moneda, Maestru-de-Kerbal-Relaciones, Xeneral-de-les-Fuerces-Policiales, Xeneral-de-la-Brigada-de-Fueu, Vice-Presidente Nicodemo Romero.



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