Money and Expenditure

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Money and Expenditure

Post by dogon11 on Fri May 23, 2014 2:59 am

Money is an essential aspect of the roleplay. Specifically, Kerbits.

Kerbits exist as the world currency, decided upon as the official currency by Kortugans at cutlass-point eons ago. Since dealing with large amounts of Kerbits can get tiresome, one million kerbits is simplified as 1 MK (MillionKerbits). So, 1,200 MK is 1 billion 200 million kerbits.

Each nation starts with 150 MK.

Money is used to pay for construction of buildings, infrastructural items, and units, 1 PP costing 0.5 Million Kerbits (MK) to be used. Kerbits are also used to pay the maintenance for such projects.

The final use of kerbits (besides diplomatic deals, of course) is to pay for the upkeep cost of active-duty units anywhere in the world. The possibility of being snuck and attacked upon is always present, and therefore maintaining an active-duty military force domestically is important. If you are the one planning such an attack, you will need to mobilize your troops (1 MP cost = 1 Earth hour of mobilization) and once they are mobilized, pay for their maintenance. Each cycle 1 MP is kept mobilized, it will cost 1 MK to maintain. Payments, however, do not have to be made until the end of the cycle (so you could theoretically mobilize 50 MP with a 20 MK treasury balance and borrow the remaining 30 on Saturday, the day before the next cycle).

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