Population and Taxation

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Population and Taxation

Post by dogon11 on Fri May 23, 2014 3:01 am

Kerbals live, die and pay taxes just like humans do. This guide shows you how we simulate this in the RP.


Every nation starts off with 1,000,000 kerbals in population. Every cycle (see the time thread if you don't know what that means) your population grows by 200,000. However, this does not happen infinitely. Once you reach 2,500,000 people, your nation cannot support enough people and so your population caps and growth stops.


Whatever your economic system, be it one run by capitalist pig-dogs or by filthy red scum, your citizens pay taxes and demand healthcare and education.
Pure capitalists don't get to raise their taxes very much, but they don't pay much of anything in healthcare and education because little companies do it for them. Communists, on the other hand, can take all their people's income, but will have to entirely pay for their healthcare and education as a result, because otherwise how would they get it?

Because of this, you always get the same amount of tax from your people. To find out how much tax you've earned in a cycle, simply divide your population by 20 000 and you'll be left with a number. This number represents the amount of megakerbits you've earned, the currency used by nations on Kerbin. A megakerbit is equal to one million kerbits.

As an example, a nation with 1,500,000 people would earn 75 MK in tax that cycle.

Equation numbers change depending on National Focus, so keep that in mind.

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