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Post by Top8media on Sat Jul 12, 2014 4:44 pm

The Red Sun Empire has a long and detailed historical record. We have the blessing that come from centuries of effective peace and relative prosperity.

The people of Segerline, who share many relations with us and hold a rich history that has been taken from them should have a majority of it returned to them.

In the spirit of giving back to a a vibrant people who will be great once more, the Red Sum Empire has prepared a series of records and publications detailing 1000 years of Segerline history.  Our achieves are vast and the record unbroken by the misfortunes of recent times.

These books, microfilms, prints and associated distribution system are to be given immediately to each city of the Segreline - larger cities will get more copies to build libraries with larger populations.

Blessings of the Red Sun upon you cousins, behold the wonders that are yours and the greatness that is your culture!

(OOC: 1 Mk spent on the effort - see OOC and Spending)


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