IC Rules (Important!)

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IC Rules (Important!)

Post by dogon11 on Fri May 23, 2014 3:20 am

In Character Rules
These are the ten roleplaying commandments of this forum, and must be taken seriously.

1 - No godmodding
Godmodding constitutes highly unrealistic or unfair roleplay, it is often relative and some people can have a hard time finding the border between godmodding and acceptable roleplay. Example: I launch fifty nukes, you are completely destroyed in the blasts, and i win.
Godmodding also constitutes taking control of something that isn't yours without permission.

2 - No stealing
This can come in many varieties, first and foremost it means that you cannot create a nation on top of another nation, this constitutes stealing their territory and is forbidden, there are exceptions, such as requesting territory from the current owner. This rule also constitutes taking, for example, flags or aircraft from other nations, and of course everything that breaks copyright laws. Conquering territory or seizing possessions in war under discussed terms are of course permitted. However, if you completely defeat someone's nation and conquer it to the point where they can't fight back, you can do what you want with their land, because you took it fairly in war.

3 - No extreme fanon
This rule means that invention and discovery is limited to your own nation/company, this roleplay tries to stay by the canon that HarvesteR has created so far, that means planets, moons, and other astronomical objects does not exist in the roleplay unless they exist in KSP. Anything directly from Earth (religions, companies, people etc.) cannot be used here. This also accounts for lifeforms; earth animals or aliens do not exist unless HarvesteR adds them to the game. Kerbals are the only sentient lifeform allowed, and try to keep the creation of other kerbal lifeforms to a minimum as well.

4 - One government per person
This rule is pretty basic, it simply constitutes that you as a person can only roleplay as one nation/government, you cannot control two nations and use them to interact with each other, this is to ensure people aren't taking too much for themselves, or abusing the nations to for example go crazy with one nation to achieve their goals and remain neutral with the other one. However, it is an exception if they give you control of their government for OOC reasons. For example, you can't go into the kortugan league thread and ask for a second country, but if say A gave control of his government to B while he was away, then B has control of A's government until A comes back, and it doesn't violate this rule.

5 - No extraplanetary appereance
This rule is more complicated. Essentially, you cannot suddenly appear on another celestial object or in space without a connection to Kerbin, everyone starts out on Kerbin, and you can only appear away from Kerbin in situations like nations lending out colonial territory or a war of independence on another planet, which must be arranged first.

6 - No futuristic technology
Basically, if it isn't commonplace in Earth's society, it isn't possible in the roleplay. This includes experimental technology (invisibility, laser teleportation, efficient railguns, laser weapons, force shields etc.) Technology like homing missiles and genetics are possible though, you have plenty of things to choose from. 21st century tech is relatively generous considering that this is a game about the beginning of a space age, rather than Star Wars.

7 - No magic
This one is relatively obvious, this means that you cannot call upon the gods to smash your foes with a meteor, this roleplay tries to stick with science and reason. Of course, if HarvesteR for some strange reason adds magic to the game, it's possible here too.

8 - Be professional
Or simply try the best you can. When dealing with other nations/corps or something else outside of OOC posting, please try and make it as formal as possible. In every other aspect, try to be as well described and similar to real procedures as you can, this adds to your professional reputation and can only serve you well. This rule also means that if you choose to ignore it and post short, lazy replies instead because you simply do not have time, you will face consequences. Roleplaying overall demands an effort, it is not just a supplier of fun you can tap into.

9 - Nation binding
Should you ever lose your nation through war, that area is still your claim. As such, you cannot apply for a new country, instead you should focus on reacquiring your lost land. If you resign peacefully from the roleplay without being occupied or at war, you can reapply for any free spot. However, when you claim a territory, you must remain with the territory for at least 1 week before you are eligible to resign. After you resign, you must wait 24 hours before you can make a new claim. If you resign from the roleplay while being occupied or at war, you can only reapply for that territory to regain your claim. In case the conquering country has disappeared or in another way lost control of your land (becoming Kortuga territory), you can reclaim it and be instantly independent.

10 - Moderator Decision
If a grey area appears or another rules becomes unclear, you will have to take it to the headmaster, and upon him/her being offline, a Grandmaster or Admin. Their decision in a grey area matter is final, and is above the rules, the situation will be resolved instantly in most cases, but it lies in the hands of the moderators. Often, grey areas are followed up with a rule you can then relate to.

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