OOC Rules (Important!)

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OOC Rules (Important!)

Post by dogon11 on Fri May 23, 2014 3:21 am

Out of Character Rules

1 - Spamming
The rule of spam means that your posts and their content must be useful, or attempted to be contributing to the forum in general. While this has less importance on the off-topic forum, there are important notes you must abide to. Powerposting (Posting for the sake of a higher post number) is forbidden. Very large images should be spoilered at all times (or kept at a low byte size) and any .gif file is also to be spoilered (may be used for avatars). Do not post short or nonsensical posts, and always speak in English. (Unless IC demands that you do not). Use common sense when following this rule. Also make sure that you sentence your posts, image only is not permitted. (except for off-topic)

2 - Piracy/Warez
We take piracy of KSP on this forum just as seriously as on the official forum. Discussing piracy (in a way that makes you seem to want it, general debate is tolerated), helping with piracy, committing piracy etc. is strictly forbidden and can lead to permanent bans. After that, you will be referred to the moderation team on the official KSP forum so that they can take further action from there.

3 - Obscenity
This board is to be kept at PG-13 at all times, NSFW material such as pornographic elements, blood, gore, 18+ or for that sake 16+ rated content is not to be posted on this forum. Anything that violates the US law or the law of your country is strictly forbidden.

4 - Advertisement
It is important that advertisement is applied properly on this forum. Do not link to your own website either with the purpose of recruitment, members, attention, or money. You can link to other sites such as Youtube and Twitter, though.

5 - Swearing
While light swearing is tolerated (butt, damn etc.) we do not want hostile or offensive language on this forum, either insulting others or incorporated into your posts to the degree that they are distracting to read. Swearing at a person specifically is worse, and nets you a guaranteed warning. We encourage civility at all times, and expect you to have standards.

6 - Trolling
Trolling can be subtle, however, we are experienced at rooting it out. Do not distract, derail, or harass users, openly or in a subtle way at any time. Trolling consists of usually advanced methods of lighting up rage and hatred, either from the victim to the troll, or even worse, between two victims. This is intolerable, even as an IC diplomatic tool.

7 - Private Messages
Entirely IC PMs can be shared freely, but OOC PMs cannot be, and you must receive consent from both the sender and the reciever(s) of the message to share it
There is an exception to this, however.
If you recieve a PM that is written in OOC terms but clearly provides information such that your character would know in the IC, such as an offer to join an alliance or join a plot, that information is considered from that point to be known by the character and can then be revealed.
In cases where it's not clear whether or not the above applies, a ruling can be gained from the consensus of at least two gamemasters.
Do not harass or attempt to evade rules by doing it through PM, when rooted out, it leads to severe consequence.

8 - One account per person
You are only to have a single account on this forum, do not make several for whatever purpose you may want them to serve.

9 - Ban Evasion
If you have offended to the degree that you have been expelled, you are to (in the case of an expiring ban) remain with your sole account and sit it out. If we find an alternate account used by you, both your main account and extra(s) will be permanently banned.

10 - Impersonation
Note that this rule does not always count in IC situations. Do not impersonate other users or staff at any time, we take such things very seriously and it is strictly forbidden.

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