Alliance Rules and Creative Suggestion

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Alliance Rules and Creative Suggestion

Post by dogon11 on Fri May 23, 2014 3:23 am

An alliance is a group of nations that have joined together for a specific reason, or a plethora of them. There can be scientific alliances, military alliances, economic alliances, or general alliances that cover all 3 of the others. There are few rules for alliances, other than the following -

1. To start an alliance you must own a nation
2. You must have at least one other member when your alliance first starts out (as allying with yourself is, pointless, to say the least) Losing your last member after starting up does not eliminate your group.
3. Your alliance must have a set of rules defining how it is to be run, what the relationship between your members is, and how new members are to be added.

We also have a few creative suggestions for alliances -

1. An emblem
While not required, an emblem provides something for your alliance members to look to. It provides a quick look at the philosophy of the group itself to any interested parties, and generally helps tie your thread and alliance together.

2. An anthem
Like an emblem, an anthem gives a calling point, a rallying point for your members. It can give a quick boost to your members, and also often shows the mood of the group. It can also help intimidate potential enemies when you have a peacetime and wartime anthem. When used in conjunction with an emblem, it really helps to sell your alliance as legitimate.

3. A Flag
Flags are important. For ages they have been used to represent nations and alliances. Everyone and their dog has a flag, and alliances are no different. Like the emblem and anthem, it is important to have a flag for demonstration, if only to complete the trifecta of alliance representation.

4. Backstories
Backstories are great, and help to sell any historical item. Sometimes, your alliance has its own backstory that actually happened on the RP forum. Other times, your alliance doesn't have an interesting event to call its own origin. If so, make one! Write something up that will help to sell the validity of your alliance. Backstories can also show the morals of the group, and how it reacted to certain situations. In any case, backstories provide a window into the past that wouldn't be available normally.
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