Kahlawian/Segerlinen - Kyuxian Ceasefire

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Kahlawian/Segerlinen - Kyuxian Ceasefire

Post by borisperrons on Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:19 pm

The Kahlawian, Segerlinen and Kyuxian governments agree on the following:

1- All fightings between the facing armies will stop at hour 17.00 of 221.1.4;

2- Kyuxian forces will immediately start evacuating the Territory of Karan Osluus Defik and the islands of Nadirjia and Thoria;

3- Kyuxian surface combatants currently at sea will immediately head back to Spori harbor;

4- Kyuxian submarines currently at sea will surface, sport a red flag and head back to Spori harbor;

5- Kyuxian air force vehicles will immediately be grounded and their engines removed until further notice;

6- Coalition troops will be permitted to start landing in the evacuated islands from six hours after the signing of the ceasefire;

7- Delegates from the signing powers will meet in Albemuth to discuss the peace treaty terms.


Gen. Javad Korshandi Commander, North Operation Theatre

Albreicht Karmeman Chairman of the Revolutionary Comitté of Segerline

Kya the third of his name the Grand king of the three kingdoms.

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Re: Kahlawian/Segerlinen - Kyuxian Ceasefire

Post by MysticPing on Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:22 pm

Signed: Kya the third of his name the Grand king of the three kingdoms.

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