The Treaty of Albemuth

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The Treaty of Albemuth

Post by borisperrons on Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:49 pm

The Governments of the Democratic Republic of Kahlawia and of the Syndicalist Republic of Segerline accept with this document the official surrender of the United Kingdoms of Kyux, on the terms hereby stated:

1. Of Territorial Changes
1.1 The A listed territories in the Allegate One are from now under the rule of the Kahlawian government.

1.2 All the Kyuxian government personnel and civilian populace will be allowed to leave after being cleared by investigations and debriefed.
1.2.1 In case the invastigations find they are guilty of war or occupation crimes, they'll be detained and processed.

1.3 All Kyuxian properties in the territories will be passed under Kahlawian jurisdition.
1.3.1 Every damage arrecated to those properties after the signature of this treaty will be payed for by the Kyuxian government.

1.4 The Kyuxian government will drop off all the legal claims on the Allegate One A listed territories.
1.4.1 All the Kyuxian future claims will be treated as acts of war.

1.5 The B listed territories in the Allegate One will be evacuated immediately by all Kyuxian military personnel.
1.5.1 No Kyuxian military presence will be permitted on the island
1.5.2 A Kahlawian garrison will be built on the island to enforce the demilitarization.

1.6 All pre-existing peace treaties or armistices between the UKK and the Democratic Republic of Kahlawia are now invalid.

2. Of Economic Reparations
2.1 The Kyuxian government will pay the coalition governments 50 MK for a period of 10 cycles.
2.1.1 Interest rate after the deadline is 25% annuum.
2.1.2 In case deemed opportune, the coalition governments have the right to seize Kyuxian proprties to cover the debts.

2.2 The Kyuxian government will pay reparations to the civilians forcibly conscripted during the Segerlinen Revolution. 50  MK for all villages pillaged and 10  MK for every 250 civilians killed.
2.2.1 Clauses 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 apply.

2.3 The Kyuxian government will pay 20 MK to Karan Osluus Defik and Nadirjia inhabitants, to make for the abuses of the occupation.
2.3.1 Clauses 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 apply.

2.4 The Kyuxian industrial base will be tooled away from miltary production and refocused towards peacetime economy. (New national focus, your choice what)

3. Of Control and Surveillance
3.1 Kyuxian space program will be under coalition observation.
3.1.1 If requested, vehicle blueprints and specifications will be given to the inspectors. Inspectors are sworn into keepeng the content of those blueprints secret, unless representing a danger to peace.
3.1.2 The inspectors have right to closely inspect every vehicle.
3.1.3 All Kyuxian launches must be reported to inspectors 1 month (1 OOC days) in advance.
3.1.4 If the vehicle is found to not violate treaty terms, inspectors will have no right to stop the launch.

3.2 The Kyuxian nuclear program will be put under coalition observation.
3.2.1 Coalition isnpectors will actively search for Kyuxian WMDs, and the Kyuxian government won't damage their operate.
3.2.2 All found WMDs will be handed over to the coalition for disposal.
3.2.3 All found uranium centrifuges will be destroyed.
3.2.4 Civilian usage of nuclear power is permitted, under inspectors control.

3.3 Coalition inspectors will carry periodic inspection of all the facilities deemed necessary to be controlled, civilian or military.

3.4 Radio Kahiv will be allowed freely transmission rights over Kyuxian territory.
3.4.1 No jamming will be carried on those transmissions.
3.4.2 Kyuxian government will not be able to censor or comment the transmission contents.

4. Of Military Restrictions
4.1 Kyuxian naval forces will undergo the following restrictions.
4.1.1 No vessel heavier that 10,000 tons. [No carriers, no heavy cruisers]
4.1.2 No ship will be equipped with guns larger than 9".
4.1.2 No long range oceanic submarines.
4.1.3 No fixed wing carrying vessels.
4.1.4 No ASW capable vessels.
4.1.5 The Kyuxian naval forces will be composed by a maximum of 10 destroyers, 2 missile cruisers, 3 light cruisers, 4 submarines. New vessel types will need approval by the coalition. In case of approval, those ships will undergo the same restrictions as preexistent ones.
4.1.6 Every Kyuxian vessel must be conventional propelled. Nuclear propulsion might be accepted for civilian vessels, after coalition inspection.
4.1.7 Before commissioning, every Kyuxian ship will be inspected by the coalition.
4.1.8 If a ship is found to exceed the treaty terms, she will be towed to a neutral port for scrapping. The coalition reserves the rights to destroy whatever land facility violating the treaty terms.
4.1.9 No Kyuxian military vessel is allowed outside the bonduaries of Allegate Two.

4.2 Kyuxian air forces will undergo the following restrictions.
4.2.1 The Kyuxian air force will be composed by a maximum of 72 airplanes and 24 helicopters.
4.2.2 No planes falling under the heavy bomber category for range and payload.

4.3 Kyuxian land forces will undergo the following restrictions.
4.3.1 The Kyuxian land forces will be composed by a maximum of 24000 kerbs.
4.3.2 A maximum of 4 tank batallions will be permitted.

4.4 All surplus military equipment will be put into cold storage, rendered unserviceable without a throughtuly maintenance work.
4.4.1 The warehouses will be stricly guarded by coalition inspectors.

4.5 Kyuxian government may not enter any military alliances.

4.6 Kyuxian  information services will not be permitted to operate on Kahlawian or Segerlinen territory. If Kyuxian agents are to be found they will be treated as war criminals.

4.7 The precedent restrictions will be in place for five years.
4.7.1 After this time period is elapsed, the signing members will meet and rediscuss the terms.

4.8 Military protection in case of aggression is guaranteed by the coalition governments to the Kyuxian nation.
4.8.1 In case the aggression is justificated, no assistance will be given.

5. Of War And Occupation Criminals
5.1 A memory collection commission will be instituted in Albemuth, to search for occupation and war criminals.
5.1.1 Kyuxian government will not damage investigation effort or hide informations.
5.1.2 Kyuxian government will hand over every kerb that will be asked for.
5.1.3 Kyuxian government will accept the outcome of the trials, whatever might it be.

5.2 The paratroopers involved in the Segerlinen Revolution crimes will be handed over to the Segerlinen government, to be trialed again.
5.2.1 Kyuxian government will actively partecipate in hunting down the missing paratroopers.
5.2.2 Kyuxian government will accept the outcome of the trial, whatever might it be.

6. Of Treaty Application And Enforcement
6.1 The coalition is the only party with the right to enforce the treaty terms.
6.1.1 Third parties might be given enforcing rights by the coalition, under coalition terms.

6.2 The coalition is the only judging organism on the treaty terms.
6.2.1 Complaints about the application of the treaty terms will be reviewed by the coalition.
6.2.2 Third parties will have no voice in the coalition's decisions.

6.3 The signing parties will met in 5 years to renegotiate the treaty.
6.3.1 The negotiations will happen under a third party arbitrate.

Allegate one:

Allegate two:


Jamshid Paraustee Ad Interim President of the Democratic Republic of Kahlawia
Albreicht Karmeman Chairman of the Revolutionary Comitté of Segerline
Kya the third of his name the Grand king of the three kingdoms.

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Re: The Treaty of Albemuth

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:50 pm

Signed by Albreicht Karmeman, Chairman of the Revolutionary Comitté of Segerline.


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Re: The Treaty of Albemuth

Post by MysticPing on Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:03 am

Signed by kya
(Assuming it is what i agreed to, busy atm in school)

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Re: The Treaty of Albemuth

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