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Major RP Changes - Colonies and More. Empty Major RP Changes - Colonies and More.

Post by Yuriski on Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:12 pm

This is a very early idea that has been in my mind for a while. The Cobbler has also had a similar idea from my understanding. This has been barely touched by the other mods thus far - I simply want to propose an entirely new change to the RP to invigorate the roleplay, and focus more on the KSP in KSPRP.

The History of Kortuga
(Courtesy of Appe96)

Kortugan Timeline:
Year 1 RH: The kortugan calendar is invented.

Year 2 700 RH: Begining of the middle ages.

Year 3 800 RH: Beginning of the industrialization and modern ideologies.

Year 4 010 RH: First World War breaks out, resulting in the collapse of several empires.

Year 4 025 RH: First World War officially ends. With casualties in the tens of millions. The creation of the Kortugan League leads to a period of relative peace and firm international laws.

Year 4 048 RH: Massive revolutions takes place in the world, and empires loose their colonies. The rise of Facsist, Liberal and Communist power blocks changes the political spectrum forever.

Year 4 090 RH: Scientists begs the governments of the world to stop with their destruction of the enviroment. Several of the warmest summers in the recorded history happens during this decade. Companies recognize that more and more fossil fuels are running out.

Year 4 120 RH: Massive droughts plague Kortuga, and more and more fossil fuels are running out. Many scientists says that we have reached the point of no return. In a effort to save their peoples from collapse, the powerblocks starts to mobilize their forces. Many kerbals fear a second world war.

Year 4 121 RH: The official start of the second world war plunges the world into chaos. Use of nuclear weapons and chemical weapons displace and kill soldiers and civilians alike, as massive collums of tanks are followed by bulldozers and drilling machines to the last oil pockets in the world. Places such as water purification plants has become high value targets for bombing and capture.

Year 4 123 RH: The end of the Second World War is a only a slight sigh of relief. Hundereds of millions are dead and no real winner was declared. Revolutions and seperatist insurgencies ravage the already poverty stricken world.

Year 4 125 RH: The Kortugan League calls for a emergency meeting regarding the instable political spectrum and enviromental catastrophe. The Exodus project is announced. A new international body is formed, the Kortugan League Space Corps. While skirmishes happens still, most nations has thrown their own petty squables away and started working together colonize space.

Year 4 132 RH: First permanent selfsustaining colony is placed on Kortugas twin planet. However very limited in size due to its non breathable atmosphere.

Year 4 135 RH: The Suveyor space telescope discovers five planets which an atmosphere of oxygen close to the Kortugan system.

Year 4 136 RH: The construction of five generation ships begins in low Kortuga orbit.

Year 4 148 RH: The KSC Unity finishes construction, capable of sustaining life for a few thousand kerbals with its own ecosystem who will keep several generations of kerbals alive during the journey. A massive colonization recruitment program is announced.

Year 4 150 RH: KSC Unity together with four other ships sets its solar sail towards their respective destination.

Year 4 289 RH: KSC Unity reaches Kerbin, the promised land. However the journey has not been easy. During the journey, many political factions has formed during the journey. The drop pods lands on the equator and forms Kortugan League Advancement Colony.

Year 4 290 RH: Many of the factions that have formed leaves the Kortugan League Advancement Colony to make their mark in history and build a Kerbin in their image. What will this kerbin become? Will we work together with nature and create a paradise? Will we take all resources and then carry on to the next planet? Will we try to make contact with our old Kortugan homeland and try to send them to Kerbin so we can all live in this promised land? The future are in our hands, only we can decide if this will become the second Kortuga or a fresh start.

The Kortugan League Space Corps

Map of Kerbin:
Major RP Changes - Colonies and More. 5M92Abg

Welcome to the Kortugan League Space Corps, young cadets. As you all know, our home planet Kortuga has been engulfed in war for the past few decades. Natural resources are low, and the population is still on the rise. The only way we can now save our homeland, is to escape it. The nations of the world have united, with a common goal: to repopulate and colonise a planet capable of life, located a few light-years away from our galaxy. That planet is named Kerbin. The KLSC has already set up a small colony on the equator of the planet. This is to be considered strictly neutral grounds - it is defended with technology that only we have access to - it would be unwise to attempt to attack it.

First, all of you have been given the power to create the specifications for your nation's colony. Simply fill out the form below, and we will get to work making your dream a reality.
Claim Format:
Nation Name:
Colony Name:
Colonial Flag:
Leader Name:
Colonial Claim:
Government Form:
Main Ideology:
Colonial Focus:
Economic System:

Claim Format Example:
Nation Name: The Kortugan League Space Corps.
Colony Name: The Kortugan League Advancement Colony.
Colonial Flag:
Leader Name: High Councillor "Captain" Kred Beard.
Colonial Claim:
Government Form: High Council.
Main Ideology: Democratic.
Colonial Focus: Militaristic.
Economic System: Capitalist.

Your colonies may only claim one tile on the map. The dark grey tile is the KLAC - the central hub of Kerbin, connected to Kortuga. Your colonies can, and will, expand however. It would be best to select a suitable spot to plan ahead for the future.

The Resource System

Resources are a key element to your colony. Each tile you own generates a raw income of 10 resources per cycle. These resources can then be spent on 5 different needs: Research, Manufacturing, Economy, Growth and Fuel. Each cycle, you nominate a budget (from 100%) for your gathered resources. A balanced system would be 20/20/20/20/20. This means that if 100 resources were gathered from 10 tiles, you would create 20 Research Points, 20 Manufacturing Points, 20 Economic Points, 20 Growth Points and 20 Fuel Points. These are written as Rp, Mp, Ep, Gp and Fp.

Research Points are used for scientific projects (see the Science thread in the University of Roleplay for details). These are key to advancing your colony, and can help influence it's growth, as well as the rate you gather resources from your tiles. Rp cannot be sold, traded or shared to other nations, as it indicates the level of intelligence you know about the planet. You cannot lose or "spend" Rp, however you need a certain amount to research many projects.

Manufacturing Points indicate the amount of materials and workforce you have available to create new structures, expand your colony and increase your military or fleet size. These are collected as a percent of the amount of resources you gather. A colony gathering 200 resources, and focusing 20% of their budget on Manufacturing would generate 40 Mp that cycle. More detail on Mp can be seen in the Manufacturing thread in the University of Roleplay. Unlike Rp and Gp, Mp can be sold and traded with other colonies, as long as you have enough Fuel to transport it.

Economic Points is the economy of your colony. Measured in MegaKerbits (Мк) may be traded and bought from other colonies. When your colony grows to a substantial size, you also collect Мк from your colonists and citizens as taxes. Corporations also use Мк. More details on these topics can be found in the Economic, Growth and Corporation threads in the University of Roleplay.

Growth Points determine the rate that your population grows. Each citizen in your colony needs 0.1 Gp to survive. A colony with 200 citizens would need 20 Gp in order for their population to sustain. Any number over the amount needed makes your population rise by that percentage. A colony with 1000 citizens generating 110 Gp would mean that their population would grow by 10% that cycle. Next cycle they would need 110 Gp to sustain their colony size. However, any amount under the sustainable amount means your population falls by that percent. A colony with 1000 citizens generating 90 Gp means their population falls by 10%. Their population next cycle would fall to 900 citizens. Gp cannot be traded or sold between colonies. See the growth thread in the University of Roleplay for more details.

Fuel (Fp) is a key resource on Kerbin. It is used to transport trade convoys, as well as power your machines and military. As with Mp, Fuel is generated in the same way by taking it as a percentage from your resources collected. A colony collecting 150 resources, and converting 10% into fuel would create 15 Fp. Fp can also be traded, however you must spend 0.1 Fp per each empty tile between your colony and the targets colony. See the Fuel thread in the University of Roleplay for further details.

More will be added as discussion continues. For now, this thread will be locked, and a discussion thread will be posted.

Major RP Changes - Colonies and More. 76561198053486260

Major RP Changes - Colonies and More. UKofEquestria

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Major RP Changes - Colonies and More. Empty Re: Major RP Changes - Colonies and More.

Post by Yuriski on Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:34 pm

Idea cancelled.

Major RP Changes - Colonies and More. 76561198053486260

Major RP Changes - Colonies and More. UKofEquestria

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