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Post by Guest on Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:11 pm

People's Liberation Army

The People's Liberation Army is the largest army on the planet. It serves to protect the World People's Republic of the Proletariat.

Ammount of Soldiers: 255 000.
MP: Under calculation, current estimates 308 MP belonging to the PLA and the rest to the regional governments.
PP: 120 PP is dedicated to the PLA at this time


To be added.


Kyuxan Military District:

1st Infantry Division:
1st Infantry Regiment (Inf)
2nd Infantry Regiment (Inf)
3rd Infantry Regiment (Inf)
4th Infantry Regiment (Inf)
5th Infantry Regiment (Inf)
6th Infantry Regiment (AT)

7 MP

2nd Infantry Division:

7th Infantry Regiment (Inf)
8th Infantry Regiment (Inf)
9th Infantry Regiment (Inf)
10th Infantry Regiment (Inf)
11th Infantry Regiment (Inf)

5 MP

12th Independent Regiment:
1st Guards Battalion (SF)
2nd Guards Battalion (SF)
3rd Guards Battalion (SF)
4th Guards Battalion (SF)

12 MP[

Armoured Cavalry Regiment:

1st Cavalry Battalion (MBT)
2nd Cavalry Battalion (MBT)
3rd Cavalry Battalion (MBT)
4th Cavalry Battalion (MBT)

12 MP
1st Interceptor Squadron
2nd Interceptor Squadron
3rd Interceptor Squadron

6 MP

Kahlawian Military District:

1st Republican Guard Corp:

1st RG Armored Regiment "Fawlād" (ARM)
2nd RG Armored Regiment "Adhā" (ARM)

1st RG Armored Infantry Regiment "Rāān Albemuth" (IFV/INF)
2nd RG Armored Infantry Regiment "Shamāl" (IFV/INF)

"Gârd e Jâvidân" 1st Guards Brigade (SF)

4th IG Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

2nd Republican Guard Corp:

3rd RG Armored Regiment "Yawazbaashya" (ARM)
4th RG Armored Regiment "Taryaboun" (ARM)

1st RG Armored Infantry Regiment "Rāān Nadirja" (IFV/INF)
2nd RG Armored Infantry Regiment "Janūb" (IFV/INF)

"Gârd e Jâvidân" 2nd Guards Brigade (SF)

5th RG Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

1st Indipendent Artillery Regiment:

3rd Artillery Batallion (ART)
4th Artillery Batallion (ART)

6th Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

2nd Indipendent Artillery Regiment:

5th Artillery Batallion (ART)
6th Artillery Batallion (ART)

7th Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

1st Army:

1st Division:
1st Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd Infantry Regiment (INF)
3rd Infantry Regiment (INF)
4th (Reserve) Infantry Regiment (INF)
1st Anti Tank Brigade (AT)

2nd Division
5th Infantry Regiment (INF)
6th Infantry Regiment (INF)
7th Infantry Regiment (INF)
8th (Reserve) Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd Anti Tank Brigade (AT)

3rd Airmobile Division
9th Airmobile Infantry Regiment (INF/HELI)
10th Airmobile Infantry Regiment (INF/HELI)
11th Airmobile Infantry Regiment (INF/HELI)
12th (Reserve) Airmobile Infantry Regiment (INF/HELI)
3rd Airmobile Anti Tank Brigade (AT/HELI)

4th Division
13th Infantry Regiment (INF)
14th Infantry Regiment (INF)
15th Infantry Regiment (INF)
16th (Reserve) Infantry Regiment (INF)
4th Anti Tank Brigade (AT)

1st Armored Division:
5th Armored Regiment (ARM)
6th Armored Regiment (ARM)

1st Mobile Reaction Division:
5th Armored Infantry Regiment (IFV/INF)
6th Armored Infantry Regiment (IFV/INF)
7th Armored Infantry Regiment (IFV/INF)

1st Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)
8th Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

2nd Airmobile Artillery Batallion (ART/HELI)
7th Artillery Batallion (ART)

2nd Army:

5th Division:
17th Infantry Regiment (INF)
18th Infantry Regiment (INF)
19th Infantry Regiment (INF)
20th (Reserve) Infantry Regiment (INF)
5th Anti Tank Brigade (AT)

6th Division
21st Infantry Regiment (INF)
22nd Infantry Regiment (INF)
23rd Infantry Regiment (INF)
24th (Reserve) Infantry Regiment (INF)
6th Anti Tank Brigade (AT)

7th Division
25thth Infantry Regiment (INF)
26th Infantry Regiment (INF)
27th Infantry Regiment (INF)
28th (Reserve) Infantry Regiment (INF)
7th Anti Tank Brigade (AT)

8th Division:
29th Infantry Regiment (INF)
30th Infantry Regiment (INF)
31st Infantry Regiment (INF)
32nd (Reserve) Infantry Regiment (INF)
8th Anti Tank Brigade (AT)

2nd Armored Division:
7th Armored Regiment (ARM)
8th Armored Regiment (ARM)

2nd Mobile Reaction Division:
8th Armored Infantry Regiment (IFV/INF)
9th Armored Infantry Regiment (IFV/INF)
10th Armored Infantry Regiment (IFV/INF)

2nd Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)
3rd Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

1st Artillery Batallion (ART)
8th Artillery Batallion (ART)

Segerlinen Military District:

1. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division

1. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf) + SPW-20
2. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf) + SPW-20
3. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf) + SPW-20
4. Mot.-Schützenregiment (AT) + SPW-20

1. Artilleriebataillon (Arty)
1. Fla-Raketenbataillon (AA)

10 MP

2. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division

5. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf) + SPW-20
6. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf) + SPW-20
7. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf) + SPW-20
8. Mot.-Schützenregiment (AT) + SPW-20

2. Artilleriebataillon (Arty)
2. Fla-Raketenbataillon (AA)

10 MP

3. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division

9. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf)
10. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf)
11. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf)
12. Mot.-Schützenregiment (AT)

3. Artilleriebataillon (Arty)
3. Fla-Raketenbataillon (AA)

10 MP

4. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division

13. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf)
18. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf)
19. Mot.-Schützenregiment (Inf)
20. Mot.-Schützenregiment (AT)

6.Artilleriebataillon (Arty)
6. Fla-Raketenbataillon (AA)

10 MP

14. Kampfschwimmerregiment
53. Kampfschwimmerbataillon (SF) (Deployed)
54. Kampfschwimmerbataillon (SF) (Deployed)
56. Kampfschwimmerbataillon (SF) (Deployed)
57. Kampfschwimmerbataillon (SF) (Deployed)

4. Artilleriebataillon (Arty) (Deployed)
4. Fla-Raketenbataillon (AA) (Deployed)

17 MP

15. Mechanisierte-Luftlandetruppenregiment

58. Mechanisierte-Luftlandetruppenbataillon (SF) (Deployed)
59. Mechanisierte-Luftlandetruppenbataillon (SF) (Deployed)
60. Mechanisierte-Luftlandetruppenbataillon (SF) (Deployed)
61. Mechanisierte-Luftlandetruppenbataillon (SF) (Deployed)

12x KZA-222 Vehicle Batallions

12 MP

16. Supportregimente

5. Artilleriebataillon (Arty) (Deployed)
5. Fla-Raketenbataillon (AA) (Deployed)

5 MP

17. Panzerregimente

62. Panzerbataillon (KPZ-20) (Deployed)
63. Panzerbataillon (KPZ-20) (Deployed)

Iyartae Military District:
22x Infantry Regiments.
4x Artilery Battalions.
5x Armoured Battalions
4x Anti-Infantry Vehicle Battalions
4x Special Forces

Oxuytharan Military District:

1st Volunteer Division

1st People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
3rd People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
4th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
5th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)

1st Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)
2nd Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)

2nd Volunteer Division

6th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
7th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
8th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
9th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
10th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)

3rd Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)
4th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)

1st Support Brigade

1st Support Brigade/Artillery Company A (ART)
1st Support Brigade/Artillery Company B (ART)
1st Support Brigade/Antiaircraft Company (AA)

11th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
12th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
13th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
14th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
15th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)

5th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)
6th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)

4th Volunteer Division

16th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
17th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
18th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
19th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
20th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)

7th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)
8th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)

2nd Support Brigade

2nd Support Brigade/Artillery Company A (ART)
2nd Support Brigade/Artillery Company B (ART)
2nd Support Brigade/Antiaircraft Company (AA)

5th Volunteer Division

21th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
22th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
23th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
24th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
25th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)

9th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)
10th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)

6th Volunteer Division

26th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
27th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
28th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
29th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)
30th People's Infantry Regiment (INF)

11th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)
12th Tank Hunter Regiment (AT)

3rd Support Brigade

3rd Support Brigade/Artillery Company A (ART)
3rd Support Brigade/Artillery Company B (ART)
3rd Support Brigade/Antiaircraft Company (AA)

1st Tank Brigade

1st Tank Regiment
2nd Tank Regiment
3rd Tank Regiment
4th Tank Regiment

1st Militia Regiment (INF)
2nd Militia Regiment (INF)
3rd Militia Regiment (INF)

Devizes Popular Militia Guards (AT)
Reserve Antitank Regiment (AT)

Special Counterterrorism Regiment/1 (INF)
Special Counterterrorism Regiment/2 (INF)


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People's Liberation Army Empty Re: People's Liberation Army

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:10 am

People's Liberation Land Army

The land forces of the People's Liberation Army are spread out into regional garrisons and all answers to the PLA HQ. It is considered the largest military branch in the world.

Kyuxan Garrison:
Kahlawian Garrison:
Segerlinen Garrison:
Iyartaen Garrison:
MSRNH Garrison:
Oxuytharan Garrison:
Terripanan Garrison:
Aquitian Garrison:

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People's Liberation Army Empty Re: People's Liberation Army

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People's Liberation Army Airforce

To be added


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People's Liberation Army Empty Re: People's Liberation Army

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People's Liberation Army Navy

To be added


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People's Liberation Army Empty Re: People's Liberation Army

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The announcement of the first international divisions were a great success, successfull propaganda campaigns ensured many volunteers for the first, second and third international divisions. 45 000 kerbs willing to fight viciously not for their regions cause but for the entire Worlds People's Republic of the Proletariat, throwing away racial grudge and interests these kerbs are the ideal and the direct consequence of an ideal and tolerant communistic society.

Female soldier swearing oath of allegience:
People's Liberation Army 39813


1st International Division:

1st International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
2nd International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
3rd International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
4th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
5th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
6th International Regiment (AT) + SPW-20
7th International Regiment (AT) + SPW-20

29th Artilery Battalion (Arty)
30th Anti-Air Battalion (AA)

14 MP, 40.25 PP

2nd International Division:

8th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
9th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
10th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
11th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
12th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
13th International Regiment (AT) + SPW-20
14th International Regiment (AT) + SPW-20

59th Artilery Battalion (Arty)
60th Anti-Air Battalion (AA)

14 MP, 40.25 PP

3rd International Division:

15th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
16th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
17th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
18th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
19th International Regiment (INF) + SPW-20
20th International Regiment (AT) + SPW-20
21st International Regiment (AT) + SPW-20

89th Artilery Battalion (Arty)
90th Anti-Air Battalion (AA)

14 MP, 40.25 PP

Finished 10th of December 11.15


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People's Liberation Army Empty Re: People's Liberation Army

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