Treaty of Hammaguitan

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Treaty of Hammaguitan

Post by Crichton on Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:16 pm

The Government of the Federation of Kabundakan and The Government of the World People's Republic of the Proletariat:

Desirous of strengthening the cause of peace between the People's Republic and Kabundakan have reached the following Agreement:

Both High Contracting Parties obligate themselves to desist from any act of violence, any aggressive action, and any attack on each other, either individually or jointly with other Powers.

Should one of the High Contracting Parties become the object of belligerent action by a third Power, the other High Contracting Party shall in no manner lend its support to this third Power.

Should disputes or conflicts arise between the High Contracting Parties, neither shall participate in any grouping of Powers whatsoever that is directly or indirectly aimed at the other party.

Should disputes or conflicts arise between the High Contracting Parties over problems of one kind or another, both parties shall settle these disputes or conflicts exclusively through friendly exchange of opinion or, if necessary, through the establishment of arbitration commissions.

Each High Contracting Party will respect and support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the other party

Each High Contracting Party agrees that, upon change of government, their legal successor state shall be considered bound by this treaty

The present Treaty is concluded for an indefinite period, until such time as the High Contracting Parties agree to dissolve it

The present treaty shall be ratified within the shortest possible time. The Agreement shall enter into force as soon as it is signed.

Amihan Abaygar
Amihan Abaygar, President of the Federation of Kabundakan[/quote]

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Re: Treaty of Hammaguitan

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:20 pm

I Hans Oster, under the complete agreement and accordance to the International Labour Council, signs this treaty in the interest of peace and prosperity between our two nation.


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