Treaty of Aquitae

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Treaty of Aquitae

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:19 am

The governments of the Worlds People's Republic of the Proletariat and the Imperium Aquitus, in the interest of peace and prosperity of all has agreed to following terms:

Upon signing this treaty, all personel from the Imperium Aquitus shall leave the orginal territories of the Worlds People's Republic of the Proletariat, and its administrative region of People's Republic of Iyartae.

Upon signing this treaty, all hostilies shall cease between the signing parties.

Due to its expansionist nature throughout history, and its recent violation of world peace, armed forces can not be trusted in the hands of the Imperium Aquitus. Therefor, all armed forces alligned to the Imperium Aquitus and its people shall be disbanded under the World People's Republic of the Proletariat.

In a interest to defend the Imperium Aquitus and its people, the World People's Republic will station its armed forces in the lands of Imperium Aquitus. Aquitian war industries shall aid in producing needed equipment and ammunition for these armed forces. (OOC: Gib MP to me)

To honour the traditions of the Aquitian people, the Imperium of Aquitus shall keep its Imperial Guardskerbs. However, these soldiers only weapons shall be traditional spears.

The Imperium of Aquitus shall not under any circumstance build up its armed forces without explicit permission by the International Labour Council of the WPRP.

This treaty and its demands, once signed shall pass on to the successor states of both signing parties.

The present treaty is concluded for an indefinate period, untill such time as the World People's Republic or its successor states agrees to dissolve it.

The present treaty shall be ratified upon signing by both contracting parties.

World People's Republic of the Proletariat: Hans Oster, Chancellor in the International Labour Council, World People's Republic of the Proletariat.
Imperium Aquitus:___________________


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Re: Treaty of Aquitae

Post by Yuriski on Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:36 am

With regret, the Senate agrees to this treaty, and ratifies with the Imperial Seal.

Imperial Seal:



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