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The Volksmarine is the navy of Segerline. Throughout history, the navy has always been a very important part of the military. The Volksmarine is divided into two parts; firstly, the brown water fleet, which is whose objective is to take out enemy submarines and be a last line of defense against an amphibious landing. It is composed by fast and small ships that can easily navigate the many islands that surround Segerline. The Hochseeflotte is a newly formed branch of the Volksmarine and will be comprised the most modern and strongest ships in the Volksmarine. It is designed to fight over at the high seas with heavy cruisers and carriers.

Ship Designations:



The Faktorien Class Light Cruiser, while modern compared to other navies, it is outdated in Volksmarine standards. Today the only action it sees are the patrols around the Segerlinen archipelago or as escort in the merchant marine. It carries Vampire missiles, however will most likely be part of a major overhaul to phase them out of service.

FREIEN CLASS (Destroyer)

The Freien Class Destroyer, just like the Faktorien class, it is modern in international standards, however is still heavily outdated in Volksmarine standards. It is only used by the heimatflotte to defend the Segerlinen shores and sealanes and some times escort convoys overseas.

Z CLASS (Submarine)

The Z-Class Submarine is a heavily outdated Segerlinen Submarine. It would only be used in a total war scenario when the reserves are called up, as this is the technology that your grandfather would probably be happy to use. The life expectancy of these submarines are not alot, and they would only be used to sinks convoys in war or if all the enemy ASW capabilities are wiped out.


STURHMER CLASS (Guided Missile Destroyer)

A top modern destroyer, this is the ship of the line when it comes to destroyers in the Volksmarine. It carries deadly harpun missiles and strele missiles capable of defending the fleet from all imaginable threats. It also utilizes a modern radar system that lets it communicate with the ships in the fleet to take out enemy missiles. It has patriot turrets onboard which can target and eliminate with a deadly burst any cruise missiles and aircraft that is approaching the ships in a classified kilometer radius.

DEASSIC CLASS (Heavy Guided Missile Cruiser)

The Heaviest ships in the Volksmarine arsenal. Its deadly high caliber guns can eat through most ships, however it is not its only firing system. It carries a payload of Vampire, Strele and Harpun missiles which is designed to take out all threats imaginable on land, sea and air. Its advanced radar and AAA system can take out incomming missiles and aircraft threatening the fleet, and its heavy guns and Vampire missiles can take out enemy targets on shore before a naval invasion, or indeed entire cities if the nuclear warheads are loaded onto the vampire missiles.



A massive carrier in the Volksmarine. It can carry 84 aircraft of various kinds onboard its big hull. It serves as the flagship any major taskforce and will lead all reconisance and aerial warfare on the battlefield. Its modern radar can track down enemy targets from far away and its modern AAA guns can destroy any airborne target that is advancing on it and the fleet. It has ammunition for its onboard aircraft such as Vampire missiles and Harpun missiles to take out enemy ships or land based installations from far away.

LEIDER CLASS (Cruise Missile Sub)

The Leider-Class Submarine is a modern Submarine in international standard. It is a mix up between a attack submarine and a strategic detterent submarine and can be used in all situations. Its standard payload allows it to carry torpedoes, chemical weapons, biological weapons, nuclear weapons and cruise missiles. Areas with tensions has probably been visited by this submarine more than once.

Current force:


I. Faktoriengeschwader
SUS - Faktorien (Faktorien Class CGM) (Deployed)
SUS - Freien (Freien Class DD) (Deployed)
SUS - Arbeiter (Freien Class DD) (Deployed) Upgraded

4 MP
I. Ürstberggeschwader
SUS - Kämpfer (Freien Class DD) (Deployed) Upgraded
SUS - Soldaten (Freien Class DD) (Deployed) Upgraded

2 MP
I. Stredenstadtgeschwader
SUS - Stredenstadt (Faktorien Class CGM) (Deployed) Upgraded
SUS - Grenzer (Freien Class DD) (Deployed) Upgraded
SUS - Grenadier (Freien Class DD) (Deployed) Upgraded

4 MP
I. Unterzeeboot Flotte
U-119 "Fischen" (Sub)
U-129 "Hai" (Sub)
U-139 "Welle" (Sub)
U-149 "Saboteur" (Sub)
U-159 "Harpune" (Sub)

10 MP
II. Unterzeeboot Flotte
SSGN-221 "Jäger" (Sub) (Deployed)
SSGN-222 "Fänger" (Sub) (Deployed)

4 MP

Total Strenght: 15 Ships


FSS-Proletariat (Proletariat Class)

18. Jagdfliegergeschwader (AS)
19. Jagdfliegergeschwader (AS)
20. Jagdfliegergeschwader (AS)
21. Jagdfliegergeschwader (AS)
22. Jagdbombenfliegergeschwader (GA)
23. Jagdbombenfliegergeschwader (GA)
24. Jagdbombenfliegergeschwader (GA)
4 MP

1. Kreuzer Flottille
FSS-Deassic (Deassic Class HCGM)
FSS-Wakir (Deassic Class HCGM)
6 MP

2. Zestörer Flotille
FSS Sturhmer (Sturhmer Class DDG)
FSS Welle (Sturhmer Class DDG)
FSS Blitz (Sturhmer Class DDG)
FSS Fishfänger (Sturhmer Class DDG)
4 MP

3. Zestörer Flotille
FSS Floß (Sturhmer Class DDG)
FSS Schwebenden (Sturhmer Class DDG)
FSS Schwimmer (Sturhmer Class DDG)
3 MP

Total Strength: 1 Carrier, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 7 Destroyers and 84 Aircraft

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