Algor Desert States

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Algor Desert States

Post by dogon11 on Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:48 am

Nation Name: Algor Desert States
Leader Name: Emirg Geme I
Global Map:
Government Form: Universal Suffrage Republic
Capital: Slevore
Cities of major importance: Aldan, Keftor
Regional Map: (Slevore in green, Aldan in purple, Keftor in blue)
Religion: Regional variants of Rhinilus Extraditus
RP start - 25: Keshob Cities western colonized regions begin to come closer together to unify infrastructure and trans-Algor desert trade.
RP start -20: Algor city-states form a unified trade union, making them a single entity in trade agreements. Said union is the ASTU, Algorian States Trade Union.
RP start -18: Eastern tensions with border areas with the Keshob Cities non-Algorian region causes riots around dragons, so called "Dragon Rebellion" fails.
RP start -17: Plague breaks out in capital city, quickly spreads through the ASTU.
RP start -16: ASTU sickness, quickly known as the Desert Fever, causes decline of international trade.
RP start -15: ASTU breaks apart, different city-states seek more independence due to differences in ideas in how to fight the sickness and the continued tensions from the "Dragon Rebellion".
RP start -14: Decline in trade and isolation of economies leads to drastic economic decline.
RP start -13: Easternmost city-state turns to Keshob Cities for help, is turned down and Keshob Cities break ties with the western regions.
RP start -11: As the Desert Fever finally dies out in the isolated region, city-states desire a drastic change to the bleak economic situation. Previous capital of ASTU sends delegates nation-wide to seek re-union. All but two regions agree, forming the Algorian States United Confederation, or ASUC.
RP start -10: War breaks out between ASUC and the two isolated city states, in the Algor Desert States War.
RP start -9: The city-states surrender, bringing the end of the Desert War.
RP start -8: New constitution drafted in hopes of pleasing new regions, repairing lost infrastructure, securing regional freedoms while keeping a central power strong enough to hold together the region during stressful times.
RP start -6: Final region approves the Constitution of Algorian Unification, Algor Desert States formed.
RP start -5: First government formed after transitional period of city-states governments preparation.
RP start -4: First Emirg elected (Emirg is ancient local language's word for Overseer, but equivalent to a president or prime minister). Emirg Geme I enters office, begins largest infrastructure project to ever be conducted in Algorian region.
RP start -1: Geme I wins his first re-election to a second three-year term.
Main Ideology: Liberalist
National Focus: Economic Focus
Economic System: Mixed

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