Algor Desert States OOC and ST

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Algor Desert States OOC and ST

Post by dogon11 on Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:18 am

-35mk (115mk) Techs: Started 12:00PM 12/27/14, finishes 10:00AM 12/30/14.

Scientific Starter, Scientific Domain, Aeronautics, Rocketry, Liquid Fuel, Payloads

-21 (94mk) Erebos Development. Started 10:00AM 12/30/14, finishes 4:00AM 1/1/15.
-17.5mk (76.5mk) Salkos Station construction. Started 12:00PM 12/27/14, finishes 11:00PM 12/28/14.
-7mk (69.5mk) Erebos-1 Construction. Started 4:00AM 1/1/15, finishes 6:00PM 1/1/15.
-0.3mk (69.2mk) Erebos-1 Probe Construction. Started 4:00AM 1/1/15, finishes 4:30AM 1/1/15.
-37.5mk (31.7mk) Techs: Started 4:00AM 1/1/15, finishes 7:00AM 1/4/15.
CST, AI, SAS, ED, Energy, Solar
-7mk (24.7mk) Erebos-2 Construction. Started 6:00PM 1/1/15, 8:00AM 1/2/15.
-4.8mk (19.9mk) Erebos-2 Probe Construction. Started 7:00AM 1/4/15, finishes 5:00PM 1/4/15.
-7mk (12.9mk) Erebos-3 Construction. Started 8:00AM 1/2/15, finishes 10:00PM 1/2/15.
-4.8mk (8.1mk) Erebos-3 Probe Construction. Started 7:00AM 1/4/15, finishes 5:00PM 1/4/15.
-7.5mk (0.6mk) Secondary launch facility at Salkos. Started 7:00AM 1/4/15, finishes, 10:00PM 1/4/15.
+111.7mk (112.3mk)
-15mk (97.3mk) Capital Circuits IRC. Started 8:00AM 1/2/15, finishes 4:00PM 1/3/15.
-15mk (83.3mk) Entry of three WAGPA teams.
-15mk (68.3mk) Construction of third launch facility at Salkos. Started 10:13PM 1/7/15, finishes 5:43AM 1/8/15.
-7mk (61.3mk) Erebos-5 construction. Started 10:13PM 1/7/15, finishes 12:13PM 1/8/15.
-7mk (54.3mk) Erebos-6 construction. Started 10:16PM 1/7/15, finishes 12:16PM 1/8/15.
-7mk (47.3mk) Erebos-4 construction. Started 10:17PM 1/7/15, finishes 12:17PM 1/8/15.
-4.8mk (43.5mk) Erebos-4 probe construction. Started 10:18PM 1/7/15, finishes 7:56AM 1/8/15.
-20mk (21.5mk) Two national branches construction. Started 10:19PM 1/8/15, finishes 6:19PM 1/9/15.
-20mk (1.5mk) Tech. Started 5:53PM 1/8/15, finishes 9:53AM 1/13/15.
Advanced paylaods, kerb-rated modules
-1.5mk (0mk) GM Construction. One armored battalion. Started 5:55PM 1/8/15, finishes 8:55PM 1/8/15. New design (MFV-45A)
+132.8mk (132.8mk)

Population: 1,400,000.
PP: 127
MP: 127
Taxes: 77.8mk
Trade: 45mk
Banks: 10mk

Military: 94/109MP
10 Standard Infantry Regiments: 10PP
3 Special Forces Regiments: 9PP
4 AT Regiments: 8PP
7 Tank Battalions: 21PP (6 MFV-11A, 1 MFV-45A)
3 AA Battalions: 6PP
2 SPG Battalions: 4PP
8 AS Squadrons: 16PP
5 GS Squadrons: 10PP
2 Heavy Cruisers: 6PP
1 Submarine: 2PP
2 Destroyers: 2PP


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