The Empire of Xaniaus OOC and ST

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The Empire of Xaniaus OOC and ST

Post by WJDubs on Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:10 pm


+150 MK from start
+66.7 MK taxes cycle 2
+42.5 MK 17 trade partners, econ focus
-22.5 MK Out of Service maintenance
-6.7 MK to Njegošlja
-3.7 MK reduced tax from military
+77.8 MK taxes cycle 4
-22.5 MK out of service maintenance
-3.7 MK tax reduction military
+88.9 MKtaxes
+42.5 MKtrade, 17 partners
-26.2 MK military maintenance, tax breaks
PP: Using 0/90; 90/90 on reserve
MP: Using 75/90; 15/90 on reserve
Taxes: Pop/18,000
Population: 1,600,000
Econ Focus
Current MK: 383.1 MK

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