Kahlawian-Kyuxian Armistice Treaties

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Kahlawian-Kyuxian Armistice Treaties

Post by borisperrons on Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:15 pm

Karan Osluus Defik Protection Treaty (Signed 120 NR)

Signing parties:
1- Kyuxian Kingdoms
2- Empire of Kahlawia

Having seen the ongoing civil war raging between the Kahlawian people, and considered the actual occupation of the Karan Osluus Defik province, the Kyuxian army will be entrusted with the administration and protection of the Kahalawian people residing there until every menace is removed.

-Kyuxian Army will repel every force trying to enter the provice to menace the incolumity of the inhabitants, and will keep the province secluded to the influences of the civil war.

-The Empire of Kahlawia will reckon the Kyuxian occupation and its humanitarian purposes, and will not use the force against them, endangering the people and the peace of the zone.


Kyuxian Kingdoms: Kya the First

Empire of Kahlawia: Mirza Mehdi Nasereddin

Treaty of New Spori (Signed 154 NR)

Signing parties:
1- Kyuxian Kingdoms
2- Empire of Kahlawia

To avoid further border clashes and to preserve the regional peace, it has been jontly decided the institution of a Demilitarized Zone on the Kyuxian-Kahlawian border. The signing nations and their allies have to follow the following rules:

- Both nation will evacuate all military personnel and civilians in a zone of 1.5 km from the border, thus creating a 3 km deep DMZ.

- Military presence in this area is strictly forbidden, except for joint reconnaissance patrol, no bigger than 10 men, carrying no weapons, to survey the zone.

- The DMZ continues on the sea for 60 km, but with a depth of 8 km on every side.

- Transit in the zone is strictly forbidden, apart for aforementioned patrols, and all the roads, railways and bridges in the area are to be made intransitable.

Here, the signing parties agree to held a new peace conference in 50 years, to renegotiate the treaties.


United Kyuxian Kingdom: Kya the Second

Empire of Kahlawia: Ardeshir Zahedi

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