Empire of Xaniaus

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Empire of Xaniaus

Post by WJDubs on Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:23 pm

National Information:
Imperial Cartography:

Imperial History:
The Xania Dynasty (Xania I-X) formed Eastern Xani and went on to start the first Empire of Xania. They conquered rest of the Western Xanian plain. At the same time, the Xanius Dynasty (Xanius I;II) pushed back to take over the rest of the Western plain. At this point, Xanius II and Xania X signed an agreement to join the two dynasties into the Xaniaus Dynasty (Xaniaus I-V; Xanium I-). This is the current dynasty.

Total Active MP: 75/90|MP Reserved For Expansion or Customization: 15/90| Capacity Increasers: None| 13,000 Kerbals, 75 Ground Vehicles, 6 Sea Vehicles, 240 Aircraft|
40 MP, 240 Aircraft Aer Exercitus: 7 Air Superiority, 14 MP; 7 Ground Attack, 14 MP; 6 Bomber Squads, 12 MP; Total: 240 Vehicles, 40 MP
14 MP, 6 Ships
Attack Squad: 1 Attack Submarine, 2 MP; 1 Missile Cruiser, 2 MP; 1 Destroyer, 1 MP; 1 Carrier, 4 MP; Heavy Cruiser, 3 MP; Light Cruiser, 2 MP; Total: 14 MP, 6 Ships
21 MP, 13,000 Kerbals, 75 Vehicles
1st Imperial Army: 5 Standard Infantry Regiments,5 MP; 1 Anti-Tank regiment, 2 MP; 1 Anti-Air Battalion, 2 MP; 2 Armored Battalions, 6 MP; Total 15 MP; 12,000 Kerbals; 75 Vehicles
1st Imperial Assassin Division: 2 Special Forces Battalions, 6 MP; 1000 Kerbals
Alert Level: Undecimus-XI
Alert History:
IX-Mobilization of Fermatia
XI-Treaty with Hadan Federation
Governmental Information:

Emperor Xanium IX
International Relations:
Non-Aggression treaty with Hadan Federation
News:  ·Immigration has been opened to ONLY the Hadan Federation until further notice. This is due to the new peace treaty. · The Emperor states "Golden Age" is upon us · WANTED: None  · Immigration is permitted to only the Hadan Federation at this moment.· Xaniaus City thanks you for your cooperation.·


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