The State of Gahli

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The State of Gahli

Post by BooTheBomb on Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:14 am

The State of Gahli


Gahli's main type of government is a slightly modified type of an Oligarchy, with the island state's smartest and wealthiest people in charge of the government. Presidents are replaced after their deaths, and the new president is elected by the government board.

Gahli originally started out as a tribal island, before the more civilized areas of Kerbin discovered the large island, forcing the inhabitants to assimilate with the rest of the population. The new colonists then renamed the island as "Gahli", and made it a separate country.

Military Forces:
Air Forces:
1st Anti Aircraft Wing
1st Close Air Support Wing
1st Bomber Wing
1st National Air Guard Wing
1st Transport Helicopter Wing
1st Attack Helicopter Wing
1st Pararescue Wing
1st Orbital Defense Wing

Ground Forces:
1st Infantry Division
1st Heavy Armour Division
1st Mechanized Infantry Division
1st Helicopter Transport Division
1st Expeditionary Division
1st Sniper Division
1st Amphibious Landing Division
1st Logistics Division
1st Engineer and Demolition Division
1st Cyber-combat Division
1st National Guard Division
2nd National Guard Division
1st National Air Defense Battery Division
1st Kural Division
2nd Kural Division
3rd Kural Division

Naval Forces:
1st Anti-Submarine Fleet
1st Anti-Aircraft Fleet
1st Amphibious Landing Fleet
1st Carrier Fleet
1st Destroyer Fleet
1st Submarine Fleet
1st Celtic Division
2nd Celtic Division
3rd Celtic Division
1st Coast Guard Fleet

Current President:
President Yodun Reshad

National Defense Status:
Defense Operations Five

News: Gahli is currently closed for immigration. All immigrants will be immediately deported. Gahli is also looking for allies!

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Re: The State of Gahli

Post by Yuriski on Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:16 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum! To post a nation in the nation section, you must first apply in the Kortugan League (found in Nations OOC). It is also advised to read up on all the topics in the University of Roleplay, as well as the rules of the forum.

Should you have skype, you may join our RP chat! PM me for more details Smile



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