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Official name: His Katunian Majesty's Dominion of Njegošlja and of the Southern Polar Territories (Njegov Kutanski Veličanstvo Dominacija Njegošlja I Od Južnih Polarnih Teritorija)


Global map:
Regional map:

Metropolitan Provinces:
1. Novi Kovač/Borgu Grössu - Cornigén
2. Portu - Ciapèlla
3. Ineja - Zéuggio
4. Southern Polar Territories (Administratively dependant from Ineja)

Border Provinces:
5. Rundò - Pêgi
6. Stelanéo - Gàzzo
7. Moâsànn-a - Bösanæo

Northern Desert Provinces:
8. Aæso - Fontanêgi
9. Maina - Stagén

Government form: Landed Constitutional Monarchy
Head of state: His Majesty the Kutan Emperor, represented by a General Governor.

Capital: Novi Kovač/Borgu Grössu
Cities of Major Importance: Stelanéo, Ineja, Portu, Rundò, Maina, Aæso, Moâsànn-a.

RP start-1600: The tribes of the Belenosian people are unified to counter the menace of the raids carried by the desert nomadic people.

RP start-1250: After a centuries long fight, the desert nomads are finally tamed and absorbed by the Belenosians. To this date, little is known of the nomadic culture before the assimilation.

RP start-1000: The Belenosian nation breaks up because of internal tensions between the old tribal families. A civil war erupts.

RP start-850: The lowest point of the Belenosian civilization. 150 years of continuous war have taken their toll on the once flowering civilization. Plagues hit the population, and trade and communications are virtually stopped. Many believe that the end of the world is arrived.

RP start-600: After a long recovery, driven by the cultural centres represented by the religious centres, the Belenosians start resembling a civilized people once again. The Belenosian city states start unifying in a number of countys and little confederations.

RP start-550 The trade with the nations in the 'Ile du Meridiunne is started by some intraprendent merchants. First continuous contacts with the external world.

RP start-530 Orosean and Ilvarenian Empires begin to set trade posts in the Belenosian territories. While not exactly happy, the natives accept it.

RP start-514 After some hints that trade is not all what Orosean and Ilvarenian Empires want, the cities form the Alèansa Belenusian. The foreigners decide that colonization might be a little more difficult than expected, and decide to keep what concessions they already have. The islands of Lampiun and Luminnaia are from now on under their rule.

RP start-400: Gabrilian explorer Nikola Njegoš disembarks on the unhabited island of Gallinara, and claims it in the name of his King.

RP start-394: After 6 years of travels in the Belenosian lands, Njegoš receives from the King the order to have the natives pledge allegiance to him. using his knowledge of the Belenosian culture and the seemingly infinite amount of money at his disposal, he starts another civil war between the Belenosians. Then, with the intervention of the Gabrilian army, the area is pacified, put under the direct rule of the King, and renamed Njegošlja, as a recognition of the explorer feats.

RP start-150: At this date, one sixth of the Njegošljan population is of Katunian ethnicity.

RP start-120: A contingent of Njegošljan volunteers sees action in Ailiyu. After the war, they receive the official colours from the Emperor, forming the Vojska Njegošlja, the first step towards self governance.

RP start-81: The Emperor gives Njegošlja self governance rights. The Katunian minority has now the right to decide for their own destiny, while the Belenosians are forcibly excluded from the politics.

RP start-72: The ship Novi Kovač reaches the southern ice shelf and sets up a temporary base, that will in future become the Malo Njegošlja Southern Polar Research Centre.

RP start-68: Belenosian rebels start a nationwide revolt against the Katunian elite: while at first succesful, the revolt is swiftly crushed by the highly trained Vojska Njegošlja, and the rebels are either executed or exiled. The northern desert becomes the home of the remaining rebels, the Partisanni du Belenosia.

RP start-46: To bolster the numbers of the Vojska Njegošlja, the General Governor institutes the Legija Stranaca, accepting recruits from all over the world.

Most of the ethnical Kutans follow the teachings of Nenad Vida, known as Vidaism; emphasis is placed on ancestor veneration and conforming to societal roles. The (purely mythical) ancient Emperors of United Kutan are particularly venerated, and are often referred to as 'gods' by outsiders. After more than three centuries of life "on the frontier" some aspects of the cult have changed in Njegošlja, especially regarding the more rigid conformist aspects.

The Belenosians profess largely the cult of Belenos, so ancient to give the name to the whole population. The god, mithical representation of Kerbol, is venerated as a benevolent entity, protecting the people and bringing fertility to the land. An intimately pacifist religion, it surely helped the Kutans in their domination of the country.

Focus: Industrial

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Re: Njegošlja

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Njegošljan Armed Forces

Post by borisperrons on Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:26 am

Vojska Njegošlja

Njegošljan Army:
Metropolitan Military district:

1st Army:

1st Armored Brigade
1st Armored Batallion (ARM)
3rd Mechanized Grenadier Batallion (IFV)
100th Antiaircraft Ind. Coy. (AA)

2nd Armored Brigade
2nd Armored Batallion (ARM)
4th Mechanized Grenadier Batallion (IFV)
101st Antiaircraft Ind. Coy. (AA)

1st Grenadier Division
1st Motorized Grenadier Regiment (INF)
2nd Motorized Grenadier Regiment (INF)
21st Indipendent Antitank Batallion (AT)

1st Artillery Brigade
1st Art. Bgd. , Batteries A, B, C, D (ART)
Battery Protection Elements, Target Spotting Company, Command and Control Element (INF)

[28 MP]

2nd Reserve Army:

1st Infantry Division
1st Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd Infantry Regiment (INF)
3rd Infantry Regiment (INF)
22nd Indipendent Antitank Batallion (AT)

2nd Infantry Division
4th Infantry Regiment (INF)
5th Infantry Regiment (INF)
6th Infantry Regiment (INF)
23rd Indipendent Antitank Batallion (AT)

102nd Antiarcraft Ind. Coy.
102nd Antiarcraft Ind. Coy. (AA)

[12 MP]

Northern Desert Military District:

Legija Stranaca:

1st Foreign Infantry Division
1st Legionary Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd Legionary Infantry Regiment (INF)
3rd Legionary Infantry Regiment (INF)
24th Legionary Indipendent Antitank Batallion (AT)
103rd Legionary Antiarcraft Ind. Coy. (AA)

2nd Foreign Airborne Brigade
1st legionary Airborne Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd Legionary Airborne Infantry Regiment (INF)
25th Legionary Airborne Indipendent Antitank Batallion (AT)

Special Long Range Desert Patrol Force
Long Range Desert Recon Company (SF)
Desert Recon Air Force (GA)

[16 MP]

Njegošljan Air Force:

1st Fighter Regiment (AS)
2nd Fighter Regiment (AS)
3rd Fighter Regiment (AS)

1st Attack Regiment (GA)
2nd Attack Regiment(GA)

[10 MP]

Njegošljan Navy:

Southern Naval Squadron
NHMS Drina (HC)
NHMS Tamiš (AAC)
NHMS Begej (DD)
NHMS Ibar (DD)
NHMS Drin (DD)

Eastern Naval Squadron
NHMS Nišava (LC)
NHMS Timok (DD)

Submarine Attack Squadron
NHMS Bosut (SS)
NHMS Brzava (SS)
NHMS Mlava (SS)

[20 MP]

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Re: Njegošlja

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