The Mountain Republic of Njapontor (MRN)

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The Mountain Republic of Njapontor (MRN)

Post by Yuriski on Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:32 pm

The Mountain Republic of Njapontor
Government Information:
Our Government:
Leader Name: Predsjednik/President Tor Lundgren.
Government Form: Directorial Republic.
Global Map:
Regional Map:
Capital: Njapontor.
Cities of Major Importance: Slivetine, Javorine, Fianona, Bockovac.
Our History:
Our Past:
RP Start ~-570: Groups of Tribal Njapontorians form the country of Njapontor.
RP Start ~-568: The first King of Njapontor is crowned.
RP Start ~-300: A small uprising is instigated by MRN highland peasants who believe to be neglected by the crown.
RP Start ~-215: The last Monarch of the MRN dies, and the government assumes control of the nation, forming the Mountain Republic.
RP Start -200: All members of the public past the age of adulthood may vote.
RP Start -195: Members of the public may oppose government changes if they gather 100,000 signatories in the first 100 days of the bill passing.
RP Start -120: Shortly after the outbreak of War between the Kutian Empire and Aviliyu, the MRN declares semi-complete neutrality in international politics.
RP Start -115: The MRN creates the International Congress of Nations, and constructs the meeting area. All nations were invited, [however only "names" joined | or | all nations accepted the inivitation | or | no nations were interested in joining the ICN].
RP Start -101: The MRN announces it's public interest in other celestial bodies. Initial research is begun on rocketry, however scientists fail to produce a working prototype.
RP Start -42: The Njapontor National Guard modernises it's military equipment. All male kerbals over the age of adulthood may store an automatic weapon in their homes as national defense requires.
RP Start -40: Female kerbals may join the Njapontor National Guard.
RP Start -17: The construction of the Njapontor Highway system begins.
RP Start -5: The MNC joins the WTF.
The Religions of Njapontor:
Religious Statistics:
42% follow Vidaism,
27% are Equivalent Exchang(ist?),
25% are Athiest,
6% follow a lesser Religion.
Other Information
Other Information:
Main Ideology: National Conservatist.
National Focus: Industrial.
Economic System: Mixed.
The Mountain Rangers (9 MK / 30 MP - Permanent Soldiers | 15 MK / 60 MP - Reserves Mobilized):
Standing Army:
10 Special Regiments.
The Reserves:
20 Standard Infantry Regiments,
5 Anti-Infantry Battalions.
The Njapontor Armoury:

The Njapontor Air Force (3 MK / 10 MP):
Our Military Aircraft:
5 Air-Superiority Squadrons.
Foreign Relations:
The Njapontoran Pact of Neutrality:
The World Trade Federation (WTF).



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