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The Oresean Empire

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Oresean Empire

National Anthem:

Welcome to the Oresean Embassy. For your convenience, please take this information pamphlet.

Government Information
Government Information:
Current Leader: Emperor Lisakki II
Government Form: Elective Monarchy
Main Ideology: Liberal
National Focus: Economic
Economic System: Mixed

Capital: Comberth
Cities of importance: Calmar, Shokan, Forreston
Current Population: 2,000,000

Geographical Information
Geographical Information:

Historical Information
Historical Information:
RP start -3,000: First kerbals reach the main island.
RP start -2,000: The Iarvenian League is formed. The only city is the modern day capital of Ilarven, Rivanna.
RP start -1,800: Ilarven begins settling across the rest of the island.
RP start -1,700: Multiple cities have been founded across the main island. The Ilarvenian Empire is formed.
RP start -1,500: Settlers get on boats and colonise the island east of the main one, forming the city of Ossun.
RP start -1,000: Orrin beagans preaching the word of the divine across Ilarven.
RP start -702: King Urata III comes into power. Soon, he suffers from mercury poisoning.
RP start -695: The Tyranny of King Urata starts. Taxes raise to an all-time high, public executions become common, and small armies raid and pillage smaller western villages for valuables and slaughter everyone. Urata only punishes the western half of the island because an advisor from Comberth spoke out against him.
RP start -693: Suspected rebels are rounded up into a temple in Comberth, and the temple is burned to the ground by soldiers. Soon after, an Ilarvenian army general named Augus Lorik deserts in disgust.
RP start -692: Lorik begins starting militias and stirring people up across the western half of the island. A bounty is put on his head.
RP start -685: The Ilarvenan Civil War begins. Comberth secedes from Ilarven. Multiple cities in the west follow. Together, they form the Republic of Oresea, with Lorik as their king.
RP start -660: The Civil War continues. With the invention of gunpowder, casualties rise on both the defending Oreseans and the attacking Ilarvenians.
RP start -659: Urata is killed in a coup d'tat. The new Ilarvening king ends the civil war immidiately, and both militaries rejoyce and stand down. The Oreseans are offered to rejoin the republic, but fearing another possible reign of tyrrany, they decline. The two republics begin rebuilding and start an alliance.
RP start -655: The Oresean Republic's formal government is created, and Lorik steps down from his role as wartime ruler. The new republic is based off a democratically elected monarch, instead of a monarch from a bloodline. A Senate is created, with officials from every city in it.
RP start -650: The Oreseans colonize the large island to the west for resources, to help them with reconstruction.
RP start -623: Lorik passes away. A major ceremony is held and a statue is built in his honor.
RP start -590: The tropical island of Maurtoka to the west is colonized. The nation is now called the Oresean Imperium.
RP start – 542: Altonian rebellion ends with the signing of the Treaty of Alton and the establishment of the Law of the Land. .
RP start -530: Oresea begins opening trade with the Belenosians. The island of Lampiun is turned into a trading post, and later a colony.
RP start -515: The possibility of colonizing Belenosian land is discussed.
RP start -514: The Belenosians hear rumors of a possibility of being colonized and form the Alèansa Belenusian. The Oreseans and the Ilarvenians decide that toppling their government is not worth the effort and the bad publicity, and the plans are all burned. The island of Lampiun formally becomes Oresean territory however, and the island of Luminnaia is now under control of the Ilarvenian Imperium.
RP start -158: Colony ships start sailing east, and colonize the island of Bemiji. (The one in the middle of the Southern Ocean)
RP Start – 142: The Empire of Ilarven begins its period of aggressive expansion by creating the first official Imperial dominion of Rolar.
RP start -136: The island of Kraternnia is colonized. (The crater, lol)
RP Start – 134: The second Imperial Dominion, Taron, is founded, marking the Empire’s second successful Imperial venture.
RP Start – 130: Amid growing colonial expansion in the Deassic, the Empire of Ilarven outlaws the Kortugan slave trade in its colonies.
RP Start – 128: The Imperator authorises the navy to engage any ships found to be carrying slaves in order to shut down the slave trade once and for all.
RP start -120: War starts with Aviliyu over the importation of harmful narcotics produced in Cele. The Oresean, Ilarvenians, and Kutanians form a coalition to win the war in Avilyu. Aviluyun naval forces are crushed, and Aviliyu is forced to sign over trading posts as part of a peace treaty.
RP Start – 119: Third Imperial dominion of Litarian established.
RP Start – 114: Ilarvenian-Oresean treaty of friendship is signed, allowing for freer passage between the two nations and the standardisation of rail gauges.
RP Start – 50: Formal alliance established between Ilarven and Oresea. Full military access is also extended.
RP Start – 24: The Kanton purchase facilitates the construction of an Imperial military base on the island of Kanton, which has for the last two decades been ruled by a succession of corrupt military dictators heavily involved in criminal activity.

Religious Information
Religious Informtion:
Since the archipelago is the holy land for Orrinism, nearly 80% of the population is Orrinist.
Orrinism is the belif of a set of spiritual rules set up millenia ago by the prophet who only went by Orrin. Orrin was said to be chosen by the creator of the world to enlighten the Ilarvenian people about let them spread the word of their enlightment. The rules include the following:

-One must use their power for knowledge and defense, and never for personal gain.
-One must place the community in front of themselves.
-One must not go against the laws of the land.
-One must respect all life.
-One must continually improve themself through knowledge and training.
-One must only use violence as a last resort.
-One must love their family and respect their elders.
-One must help those who cannot help themselves.

If one lives their life successfully following these rules, they are "enlightened" and pass into the next part of their existence after they die. If one doesn't follow the rules, they are put through the cycle of life again.

Orrinism: 80%
Church of the Kraken: 8%
Unspecified (Agnostic/Athiest): 9%
Other: 3%

Royal Oresean Armed Forces
Royal Oresean Armed Forces:

Oh azure skies,
And emerald plains,
Where freedom and justice prevail,
With courage and strength,
We'll fight to the end,
For liberty in our land!


We are now at DEFCON 5

Currently deployed - 80 km south of Keshob:

Aircraft Carrier ONS Yutin
-Naval Fighter Squadron 1 - OF-14s
-Classified Squadron
-Classified Squadron
Aircraft Carrier ONS Kerber
-Naval Fighter Squadron 5 - OF-4s
-Naval Attack Squadron 11 - OA-6s
-Classified Squadron
Heavy Cruiser ONS Anderson
Light Cruiser ONS Boesch
Light Cruiser ONS Keltz
Missile Cruiser ONS Litbarski
Destroyer ONS Braess
Destroyer ONS Ketzer

13th Oresean Ranger Regiment - 25 OH-1s
SWAG Teams 1-5 - 25 OH-1s

31st Royal Transport Brigade - 25 CH-65s

Royal Oresean Navy:

Navy Anthem:

Aircraft Carrier ONS Yutin
Aircraft Carrier ONS Kerber
Heavy Cruiser ONS Anderson
Heavy Cruiser ONS DeVico
Light Cruiser ONS Boesch
Light Cruiser ONS Keltz
Light Cruiser ONS Baermann
Missile Cruiser ONS Litbarski
Missile Cruiser ONS Vogts
Missile Cruiser ONS Fink
Destroyer ONS Braess
Destroyer ONS Ketzer
Destroyer ONS Hengel
Destroyer ONS Fleisher

30 MP

Royal Oresean Air Force:

Air Force Anthem:

OF-8 Templar:

The OF-8 "Templar" is a single-engine, carrier-based air superiority jet fighter, and the first jet aircraft in the OADF. It is equipped with an afterburning engine and can reach supersonic speeds, and it is one of the first in the world to so so. It not only has an armament of four 20 mm cannons, but it also has the world's first air-to-air guided missiles. New avionics allows the missiles to achieve a "lock" on the heat signature of enemy aircraft, fly into it, and detonate. The Templar has four of these newly developed IGM-9 Cobra missiles, and it also has four hardpoints under its wings, for more Cobras, 500 lb bombs, or rocket pods. The Templar boasts excellent maneuverability at all speeds thanks to its unique wing design and all-moving stabilizers, and can achieve speeds up to Mach 1.6 at sea level. The Templar has a maximum altitude of 12,000 m.

Oresean pilots have began nicknaming the Templar "The last dogfighter." OF-8 flight suit patches contain the motto "When you're out of Templars, you're out of fighters."
OF-4 Spectre:

The OF-4 "Spectre" is a tandem two-seat, twin-engine, all-weather, long-range supersonic jet interceptor fighter/fighter-bomber. It can carry up to 8,000 kg of weaponry on external hardpoints, which can be any assortment of bombs and rocket pods, as well as up to four IGM-9 Cobra infrared missiles and four newly-developed RGM-120 Venom long-range radar-guided missiles, and a Vulben 20mm gatling gun for when things get up close. The Spectre also uses thrust vectoring technology to increase its maneuverability, and advanced pulse-doppler radar to detect and attack enemies at twice the range of conventional radar. The Spectre has a top speed of Mach 2.2 and can reach altitudes up to 16,000 m.

The Spectre has a crew of two: the pilot and the radar intercept officer (RIO).
OA-6 Vanguard:

The OA-6 "Vanguard" is a twin-engine, carrier-based all-weather attack aircraft. The Vanguard is designed to do both medium attack mission and precision strike mission, and can do this with newly-invented TGM-65 Python missiles. While missiles such as the Venom lock on and attack aerial targets, the Python is TV guided and can lock on and attack ground targets. It's armor piercing warhead gives it the ability to pierce even the most armored of enemy tanks, and once inside an enemy vehicle, the explosive warhead makes sure there is nothing remaining. The Python can also be remotely guided to hit targets such as an enemy radar side. The Vanguard is also capable of carrying bombs and rocket pods to suit the mission at hand. The Vanguard has a top speed of Mach .8 and can reach altitudes up to 12,000 m.

The Vanguard has a crew of two: The pilot and the bombardier.
OF-14 Hellcat:

The OF-14 "Hellcat" is a twin engine, two seat carrier-based fleet defense fighter. The Hellcat incorporates the same radar and weaponry as the spectre, but adds increased speed, agility, and survivability. The Hellcat is the only fighter on Kerbin to use variable geometry wings; for subsonic flight it flies with wings extended out for perfect maneuverability in dogfighting, and for supersonic flight the wings rotate back into a delta wing configuration, allowing great speed and stability. It's advanced turbojet engines and titanium airframe allow the Hellcat to fly up to Mach 5, and advancements in crew survivability and intakes can keep the Hellcat flying up to 30,000 m. When the fighting gets up close, the Hellcat still reigns supreme with it's on-board maneuverability-enhancing electronics and thrust vectoring, along with a Vulben 20mm gatling gun with new armor-piercing incendiary rounds. The Hellcat can carry up to six RGM-120 Venoms and four IGM-9 Cobras.

The Hellcat has a crew of two: the pilot and the radar intercept officer (RIO).

Naval Fighter Wing 1 [ASF]
Naval Fighter Squadron 1 - OF-14 Hellcats
Naval Fighter Squadron 2 - OF-14 Hellcats

Naval Fighter Wing 2
Naval Fighter Squadron 3 - OF-14 Hellcats
Naval Fighter Squadron 4 - OF-14 Hellcats

Naval Fighter Wing 3
Naval Fighter Squadron 5 - OF-4 Spectres
Naval Fighter Squadron 6 - OF-4 Spectres

Naval Fighter Wing 4
Naval Fighter Squadron 7 - OF-4 Spectres
Naval Fighter Squadron 8 - OF-4 Spectres

Naval Fighter Wing 5
Naval Fighter Squadron 9 - OF-4 Spectres
Naval Fighter Squadron 10 - OF-4 Spectres

Naval Attack Wing 6 [AT]
Naval Attack Squadron 11 - OA-6 Vanguards
Naval Attack Squadron 12 - OA-6 Vanguards

Naval Attack Wing 7
Naval Attack Squadron 13 - OA-6 Vanguards
Naval Attack Squadron 14 - OA-6 Vanguards

8th Bomber Wing [Bmbr]
15th Bomber Squadron
16th Bomber Squadron

9th Bomber Wing
17th Bomber Squadron
18th Bomber Squadron

(OOC: This list is missing a few planes :3)

36 MP

Royal Oresean Marines:

Marine Anthem:

OMT-7 Vikus:

The OMT-7 "Vikus" is an all-wheel-drive marine transport, and it is the world's first Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). Unlike conventional troop transport trucks, the Vikus is covered in composite armor that is immune to small-arms Fire and resistant to recoilless rifle, rocket, and tank shell attacks. It's armed to the teeth with a 20mm autocannon with gun-stabilizing technology as well as a remote-controlled 12.7mm heavy machine gun and 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The autocannon is equipped with HESH rounds, which prove deadly in tight areas such as an enemy tank's insides, another troop transport, or an enemy building. The automatic grenade launcher also comes with incendiary grenades for great firestarting capabilities in forests and urban areas. There are three hatches than be opened on each side, so infantry can open them and stick their rifles out to get in on the action. It also has amphibious capability for landings and river crossings, and it has smoke deployers to help conceal infantry, as well as an infrared searchlight to see through it. In the case of a WMD Attack, the Vikus comes equipped with CBRN filters to keep infantry safe in a hostile environment.

The Vikus has a crew of three: commander, driver, and gunner, as well as seating for up to ten soldiers.
OH-1 Corsair:

The OH-1 "Corsair" is a twin-bladed, twin-engine, tactical transport helicopter. The Corsair is designed around airborne assaults, so it has the capacity to carry soldiers over hundreds of kilometers. It's armed with two 7.62 miniguns on both sides of the helicopter, and it has the capability to have rocket pods, grenade launchers, and more miniguns attached to the side of the helicopter.

The Corsair has a crew of four: pilot, copilot, and two crew chiefs that man the miniguns on the side, as well as seating for fifteen soldiers.

1st Airborne Assault Unit
1st Royal Air Cavarly - 50 OH-1s [Standard Inf]
2nd Royal Air Cavarly - 50 OH-1s
3rd Royal Air Fusiliers - 50 OH-1s [AT Inf]

2nd Marine Assault Unit
4th Royal Marines Regiment - 200 OMT-7s
5th Royal Marines Regiment [Standard Inf]
6th Royal Fusiliers Regiment [AT Inf]

3rd Marine Assault Unit
7th Royal Marines Regiment
8th Royal Marines Regiment
9th Royal Fusiliers Regiment

4th Marine Assault Unit
10th Royal Marines Regiment
11th Royal Marines Regiment
12th Royal Fusiliers Regiment

5th Marine Recon Unit
13th Force Recon Regiment - 50 OH-1s [SOF]
14th Force Recon Regiment - 50 OMT-7s

6th Armored Assault Unit
15th Royal Armored Battalion - TAHU MBTs [MBT]
16th Royal Armored Battalion
17th Royal Air Missile Defense Corps [SAM]

7th Armored Assault Unit
18th Royal Armored Battalion
19th Royal Armored Battalion
20th Royal Air Missile Defense Corps

8th Mechanized Assault Unit
21st Royal Mechanized Corps [IFV]
22nd Royal Mechanized Corps
23rd Royal Air Missile Defense Corps

9th Mechanized Assault Unit
24th Royal Mechanized Corps
25th Royal Mechanized Corps
26th Royal Air Missile Defense Corps

10th Artillery Unit
27th Royal Artillery Corps [ART]
28th Royal Artillery Corps

11th Artillery Unit
29th Royal Artillery Corps
30th Royal Artillery Corps

Special Warfare Assault Group (SWAG):

The Special Warfare Assault Group (SWAG) is the Oresean Empire's premier special operations force. SWAG units are trained for high-risk missions, including infiltration, counter-terrorism, special reconnaissance, and naval boarding, and specialize around unconventional warfare and nighttime operations. SWAG training takes 2.5 years and all recruits are trained to be proficient in amphibious operations, stealth, sniping, scuba diving, aerial insertions, CQB, demolitions, and arctic warfare.

SWAG Teams 1-5 - 50 OMT-7s [SOF]
SWAG Teams 6-10 - 50 OH-1s

46 MP

Foreign Relations
Foreign Relations:


All countries not specified.


Wartime Enemies


World Trade Federation


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