The Njapontorian Pact of Neutrality

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The Njapontorian Pact of Neutrality Empty The Njapontorian Pact of Neutrality

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The Njapontorian Pact of Neutrality
Cycle 95

Section A - Belligerents may not invade neutral nations/territories;
A|i - Attempts made by a neutral nation to repel an invasion does not compromise it's neutrality.
A|ii - Neutral nations may seek temporary alliances with surrounding nations in order to help combat the invading nation.
A|iii - Should a neutral nation retaliate outside of it's borders, the pact is deemed void, and therefore is no longer deemed a neutral nation.

Section B - Neutral Nations may mobilize it's standing army in the interest of anti-terrorism;
B|i - Said terrorists must only be threatening the citizens of that neutral nation.
B|ii - Other nations may request that forces from neutral countries come to their aid in the interests of anti-terror..

Section C - Neutral countries must intern any belligerents in it's territory, however this does not include prisoners of war, who must be kept in custody in the same standards as normal prisoners;
C|i - Should the soldiers of a neutral nation be kept in inkerbane conditions, enemy prisoners of war held captive by the neutral nation shall not be mistreated. Any prison guards found doing so shall be trialled for crimes against kerbalkind.
C|ii - Enemy prisoners of war shall be returned to their home nation/s as swiftly as possible as soon as conflict ends.
C|iii - Terrorists may be interned.

Section D - Nations agreeing to this pact recognise the Mountain Republic of Njapontor as a neutral nation, and identify it's current claims to land as the Republic's, and no other nation's;
D|i - Signatory nations also agree that a military invasion of a neutral country is deemed an act against global peace, and that said aggressor is a threat to the rest of the world's nations also.
D|ii - Signing nations also guarantee the independence of neutral countries.

Section E - Neutral Nations shall not take aggressive military action against other nations, whether they are recognised as sovereign nations or illegitimate ones by the rest of Kerbin;
E|i - This includes the partaking of military alliances in a permanent basis.
E|ii - Neutral soldiers must also be based within their own territory unless deemed necessary by the nation which they are stationed in and the government of their nation.
E|iii - Organisations with military tendencies, such as multinational research and development teams do not classify as an aggressive act.

Nations which have signed the treaty:
Ratifying Nations:
The Mountain Republic of Njapontor,
The Federated Desert Stares of Victoria,
The Seyran Conglomorate.

Current Nations recognised as Neutral:
Neutral Lands:
The Mountain Republic of Njapontor.

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The Njapontorian Pact of Neutrality UKofEquestria

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