The Socialist Republic of Nandosata

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The Socialist Republic of Nandosata

Post by ListerRimmer on Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:12 am

The Socialist Republic of Nandosata (Nan-doh-sar-ta
Our leader is: President Kyip Alstiar of Chalda currently in his first term in office.
We are primarilly a Democracy, but those born under our southern enemies, the Tantosatans, may not vote.
Our Position on the Global Map:
Our map SHALL include occupied by Tantosatan filth, yet sovereign territory.
We strive to remain an economically balanced nation. (National focus: Balanced)
Our Capital is the city of Chalda. Our other cities are: Rikuta, Sanato, Achura
In the past 100 years, we have followed the ideology of Socialism
We follow the Religion of Nan-Ammarism, to differentiate from the heathen Tan-Ammarism practised south.
Our sovereign history is as follows:
Nandosata and Tantosata were split off from a large Kolusian empire than existed many centuries ago, but over the years began to lose grip on the Kolus. The last surviving area of the empire was Satavite, to the north-east of the continent. After the last emperor of the Empire died, his two twin sons could not agree on whom to rule their nation, and after a drunken brawl, they decided, after getting even more drunk that they should have two kingdoms to rule over. King Nando of Nandosata, and King Tanto of Tantosata. After becoming sober, the two instantly regret their decision, and engage an all out war to correct their mistakes. Ongoing conflict has occured since, with only recent ground being gained, but thanks to new "Trench Warfare" Tactics, the numbers of soldiers dead has been immense.

Following the past 50 years, Nandosata has been free of monarchy, but recent laws prevent Tantosatan nationals from voting, as part of an extensive embargo due to war

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