The Technocracy of Espanjanto

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The Technocracy of Espanjanto

Post by The Cobbler on Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:13 pm

The Technocracy of Espanjanto
Currently led by Head Commissioner
Rolando Zapatero

Global Map:
(Technocracy in Beautiful Red)

General Information:
Nation Name: The Technocracy of Espanjanto
Leader Name: Head Commissioner Rolando Zapatero
Government Type: Oligarchy
Capital Name: Efugsia
Religion: Orinism (traditionally), Atheism (government)

Regional Map:

Grey: Efugsia, Capital of the Technocracy
Orange: Tourla, City of Strength
Pink: Brolla, City of Progress
Green (Light): Litia, City of Enlightment
Green (Dark): Porta, City of Resistance

The various city states in this area of Kerbin were never friendly to one another, and war had always been prevalent. Throughout the years, the city of Efugsia rose to become the most powerful of the Sister Cities, and through Marriage and Conquest (in that order), they slowly but surely managed to untie the entire Peninsula. The Duke of the city was crowned King, and from him spawned multiple generations of successful Kings who managed to bring Espanjanto to international fame. This all ended when the last King deeply mismanaged the country for decades on end, his rule never ending. This lead to the loss of a lot of overseas territory, both to other states and to the everpresent Kortugan pirates. To top it all off, a famine followed his gruesome mismanagement, and as he would not (and could not) change the situation, the King was dethroned and beheaded in a violent revolution. What follows is a civil war, in which the various city states once again aimed for independence under their own ideologies. Three of the smaller cities stuck together however, under the new ideology of Technocracy, one that follows socialism on many fronts but admits that some people are simply different from one another and all have their own talents, even though they should still be treated equally. The Technocracy can thus be seen as somewhat of a meritocracy, in which various Committees of Experts rule the nation by employing the best techniques available to them. These city states managed to reunite Espanjanto, and the Technocracy was  officially created, with the various Committees immediately starting work on the various issues presenting the nation.

While the Technocracy is not warlike, the state has proven to defend itself when her interests are in danger or when others are in peril.

Economic Information:
Main Ideology: Technocracy
National Focus: Industrial
Economic System: Mixed - Free where possible, State where needed
Population: 1,400,000
Production Points: 225 PP
Military Points: 100 MP
National Treasury: 150.0 MK

Army of the Technate - 35MP:

8x Standard Infantry - 8MP
4x Anti-Tank Infantry - 8MP
1x Special Regiment - 3MP

2x Armoured Regiment - 6MP
2x Anti-Infantry Regiment - 4MP
2x Artillery Battalion - 6MP

Air Force of the Technate - 28MP:

8x Air Superiority - 16MP
3x Ground Attack - 6MP
3x Bomber - 6MP

Navy of the Technate - 37MP:

1x Carrier - 4MP
3x Heavy Cruiser - 9MP
4x Destroyer - 4MP
2x Light Cruiser - 4MP
2x AA Cruiser - 4MP
3x Missile Cruiser - 6MP
3x Attack Submarines - 6MP

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