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Western Army 48 MP

1st Heavy Division
1st Tank Regiment (ARM)
2nd Tank Regiment (ARM)
1st Mechanized Infantry Regiment (IFV)
2nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment (IFV)
1st Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

2nd Heavy Division
3rd Tank Regiment (ARM)
4th Tank Regiment (ARM)
3rd Mechanized Infantry Regiment (IFV)
4th Mechanized Infantry Regiment (IFV)
2nd Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

1st Infantry Corps
1st Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd Infantry Regiment (INF)
3rd Infantry Regiment (INF)
4th Infantry Regiment (INF)
1st Antitank Brigade (AT)
3rd Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

1st Support Regiment 8 MP
1st Artillery Brigade (ART)
2nd Artillery Brigade (ART)
5th Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

Eastern Army 28 MP

3rd Heavy Division
5th Tank Regiment (ARM)
6th Tank Regiment (ARM)
5th Mechanized Infantry Regiment (IFV)
6th Mechanized Infantry Regiment (IFV)
6th Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

2nd Infantry Corps
5th Infantry Regiment (INF)
6th Infantry Regiment (INF)
7th Infantry Regiment (INF)
8th Infantry Regiment (INF)
2nd Antitank Brigade (AT)
4th Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

2nd Support Regiment
3rd Artillery Brigade (ART)
4th Artillery Brigade (ART)
7th Anti Aircraft Batallion (AA)

Air force 10 MP

1st Pursuit Squadron (AS)
2nd Pursuit Squadron (AS)
3rd Pursuit Squadron (AS)
4th Pursuit Squadron (AS)
5th Pursuit Squadron (AS)

Navy 13 MP

1 heavy cruiser
1 AA cruiser
4 destroyers
3 submarines

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