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Narcona WIP

Post by Warriorbulb on Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:54 pm

The Holy Empire of the People, Military, and Emperor of Narcona

The Holy Lands of Narcona:
Global Map:
Regional Map:

Orange: Paramus (Capital), Yellow: Dornka, Light Blue: Interon, Blue: Larfost, Purple: Trogaen, Blue-Gray: Rostron, Green: Onmas

Our Glorious Empire:
The Holy Emperor of the Narconan Empire:  Holy Emperor Manter V "the Bold"
Government Form: Feudal Theocratic Monarchy
Ideology: Fascism with progressive elements
National Focus: Militaristic
Economic Focus: Mixed

History of Narcona:
Narcona was traditionally a set of fiefdoms in the large, mountainous yet fertile land of the Narconan plateau.  They clashed frequently, and stayed that way for hundreds of years. However, the southern fiefdoms allied and led a large invasion force to the north.  They unified the land under a common banner in a series of wars known as the "Calis Wars", after the royal family at that time.  However, peace does not last forever, and the kingdoms resumed infighting.  An invasion mounted by a now gone empire spurred efforts to unify.  Under the King Helmor Paramus I, the Narconans led a force against the invasion and one.  In the 8 Year's Conquest, he captured islands in the Northern Ocean and drove into the southern territories.  For 30 years, Narcona expanded into a vast empire.  However, when Helmor died, no one could hold the reigns of the empire like he could, and large debts to other nations left them at the mercy of other nations. A set of "advisors" from other nations came into power and instated a democracy.  However, it failed to support the people and raked in massive debt and gave the people crime and oppression, degenerating society.  After more than a century of foreign rule and a large amount of territory lost, separatists took up arms and seized the city of Onmas.  A massive naval fleet set out from nations of the Veiid and began shelling the city, and forces in the West began invading.  Under heavy bombardment and surrounded by the enemy, the resitance buckled.  In a bomb shelter underground, Gonar Manter had a realization.  He was touched by Kermor and realized how to save his country.  A new, strict government was to rake out the filth and "degenercy" of society and put in a new, pristine, orderly state of glorious new Narconan Empire.  His vision spread and the nation soon rose up against the democracy.  They overthrew the current system and quickly defeated the occupational troops.  Manter, a vessel of the Gods, received a divine order.  He was to bring glory to the Narconans and establish them as the Nation of the Gods.  He turned the country into a refined military power and regained much old land.  He campaigned and retook land in the West and Northern Sea, and on the homefront modernized the nation and gained an astronomical approval rating, near 100%.  Since then, his descendants have helped Narcona become a player on the world stage.

Invio's Way:
In the Beginning, Nimir, the God of Chaos and Fear, ruled the universe.  He slept in an endless slumber, dreaming.  From his mind, he created two gods, Inivo, God of Light and Creation, and Cavar, God of War and Magic.  Nimir, horrified by them, tried to kill them, but they broke out of his thoughts and became real.  They forced him back into the edges of the cosmos in a fight.  Inivo and Cavar argued about what they should do.  Inivo wanted to build a celestial palace, and Cavar wanted to rule the universe.  They could not reach a resolution until one day, while Cavar was distracted, Invio scattered the band of the galaxy and made the planets. Cavar was furious.  He made 7 different gods to chase him, Lipas, God of Life and Growth, Monor, God of Destruction, Bopmor, God of Earth and Stone, Kilin, God of the Heavens and Stars, Firnas and Ini, twin Gods of Fire and Ice, and Kermor, God of the Future, Past, Doors, and Knowledge and the Patron God of the Kerbals.  They chased Inivo and Cavar across the cosmos.  Frustrated, Inivo made a barren planet and Cavar binded them to it.  In a blinding flash of lights seen across the cosmos (scientifically, this may be the first recorded supernova), they cast them to the planet.  The planet changed, gaining water, mountains, ice caps and volcanos.  Then came the Kerbals.  At first they were ignorant and stupid, but Kermor pitied them and told them of the Gods and knowledge.  Those that did not accept the teachings became the animals of the world, and when they died they would be consigned to Nimir, and those that did accept them allowed them passage to the gods.  Yet as time passed, other Kerbal races forgot of the True Gods, while the Narconan people and other followers of Invios way stayed true, guaranteeing them salvation. Seeing how devout Narconans were, Kermore designated them as the chosen nation of the Gods.  Part of his spirit flew down from the heavens and landed as a stone of pure gold and silver (what might have been a meteorite) on Mount Pibot.  From then on followers of Invio's Way journey there every decade.


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