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The Hadan Federation - OCC

Post by GabrielG.A.B.Fonseca on Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:03 pm

The Hadan Federation

Global Map, Courtesy of Delta/V:

Leader Name: President Johann Halsey (Ret.)
Government Form: Limited Franchise Republic - Military/Public Service
Capital: Blueshore City
Cities of Major Importance: Jamide, Cold Wind, Greenshore City
Religion: Logiscism
Main Ideology: Liberalist
National Focus: Balanced
Economy Model: Socialist (Nordic Model)

Being an insular nation, the Federation has been relatively unturmoiled by other countries. The Federation had it's routes from the Kortugans who inhabited the land before them: 254 years before the present day, a group of military members, displeased with how their brothers and sisters were conducting the island, in many separate and disbanded groups constantly at war, impeding any actual development to occur, joined togheter and created a provisory government. Backed by their military force, they could annex the other groups and unified them into a single democratic government by 217 BPD. Universal suffrage was in order, and things went well for the next 50 years.

By 160 BPD, people started abusing their powers: voting for less and less strict punishments for criminal infractions, opening up legal loopholes, and general poor political choices. The "Freedom" being enjoyed by them made the hapiness levels rise, but Despite this seeming peace, crime levels were increasing. More and more people were becoming infractors, as they knew there would be no real punishment for their actions.

A decade later, chaos was starting to take over. Riots, revolutions and uprisings were starting to happen everywhere, and it seemed that once again, the Hadar Island would be balkanized. Taking emergency action, the military, inspired by their antecessors, took over control by a military junta. They pacified the land and held control. They once again installed a democratic government, but this time, the president and other positions could only be held and elected by military men.

Peace reigned for the next decade, but the military heads were starting to get corrupt, living from the people while they dwelled in poor conditions. But in 154 BPD, the population decided that it would be no more. Togheter with the lower ranks of the military, the civilians ran a revolution that overcame the corrupt head.

Once again, they were confronted by the choice of what they should do. Should they return to the Universal Sufferage, which had lead them to the verge of collapse? Or should they go back into a military dictatorship, which, given enough time, will inevitably become corrupt and exploit their people?

Neither. Instead, they installed the Constution. Every man or woman has the right to vote; after a period serving in the military or as a public servant. This ensured only those who were willing to give all of themselves for the greater good would have the ultimate power: the power of vote.

Measures were taken, however, to prevent the military to retain control: military men would only receive full citizenship after their period was complete, as to avoid incidents.

With the Federation instaured in 153 BPD, a new golden age began, and has lasted ever since. All civilians have free access to quality education and healthcare, public transport and basic services such as water and electricity. Taxes might be a bit high, but the are used to effect, maintaining a high quality of life.

This by no means signifies that there are no problems in the Federation, but at least, the basic needs of those under it's wing are correctly taken care of.

For the next 150 years, not much has happened. Two years ago, however, signs of an underground group have started to appear, displeased with the limited control civilians have over their lives and the nation. No attack has yet happened, nothing but wispers have been heard from them, but they lurk, waiting for a chance to seize the power and end the miracle that is the Federation...


6 Light Cruisers - 12 MP
4 Heavy Cruisers - 12 MP
10 Destroyers - 10 MP
1 Aircraft Carrier - 4 MP
6 AA Cruisers - 12 MP
5 Attack Submarines - 10 MP


4 Air Superiority Squadrons - 8
3 Ground Attack Squadrons - 6
3 Bomber Squadron - 6



3 Infantry - 3 MP
1 SF Battalion - 3 MP
2 Anti-Tank - 4 MP


1 Armored Battalion - 3 MP
1 Anti-Infantry Battalion - 2MP
1 Anti-Air Battalion - 2 MP
1 Artillery Battalion - 3 MP



Federal Bank:
Current Balance: 125 MK
Expenditure Log:

  • JANUARY 9 2015 CE - 20 MK FOR 40 PP
  • JANUARY 9 2015 CE - 5 MK FOR 10 PP
  • JANUARY 12 2015 CE - 17,5 MK FOR 35 PP


  • JANUARY 9 2015 CE - 1 Factory Farm (20PP); 1 Industrial Park (20PP)
  • JANUARY 12 2015 CE - 1 Space Complex (35PP)


  • JANUARY 9 2015 CE - Science Starter (10PP)


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