President Halsey announces openning of Federal external policies

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President Halsey announces openning of Federal external policies

Post by GabrielG.A.B.Fonseca on Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:59 am

After many years of relative seclusion, the Hadan Federation's president, Madam Johhan Halsey, makes an astonishing announcement:

"Fellow Citizens and Civilians! For many decades, we have secluded ourselves from the rest of the world. We were focused on building our great nation; there was no time for frivolous activities with other nations.

But the world has changed. And so have us. We have built a great nation through the guidance of our Citizens and the effort of our Civilians. We have entered a new age, and is time to open up into the international stage. We have secured ourselves as a nation; now, it's time to secure ourselves as a world power!"
- President Halsey, during the last traditional Federation Day Speech -

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