Unija-2; Kutan places first Kerbal into orbit

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Unija-2; Kutan places first Kerbal into orbit

Post by Crichton on Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:54 am

The KAoS today placed it's first kerbal into orbit; Espajantan citizen Eduardo Mascento. Mr. Mascento's missions had to be cut to two orbits due to an electronics issue, but landed safe and well. The mission is considered successful, having achieved 90% of it's objectives.
The Munya 0110 launch vehicle:
The Novs Polor area, from orbit:
Islands near Njegoslja; look closely, and you can see the Liman launch site:
Mascento, in his pressurised flight suit, at the backup landing zone in western Njegoslja:

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