Twin Launches from the MRNSA

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Twin Launches from the MRNSA

Post by Yuriski on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:51 pm

The Mountain Republic of Njapontor's Space Agency is happy to announce the beginning of it's communication satellite network after two successful launches using two Kutan-built Munya 0011 lifters, placing two Kosmos-C payloads in orbit around Kerbin. These satellites will gather scientific information, as well as transmit basic data between each other. A further two Kosmos-Cs will be placed in their planned orbits by the end of next year.

First Kosmos-C Launch:
Kosmos-C being placed into the fairing:
First Rocket ready for launch:
First rocket lifting off:

Second Kosmos-C Launch:
The second Kosmos-C being placed into the fairing:
Second Rocket ready for launch:
Second rocket lifting off:



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