The Grand Supremacy of the Senate declares new laws.

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The Grand Supremacy of the Senate declares new laws.

Post by WJDubs on Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:17 am

"Xaniausan people! Today, I, Xanium IX, declare new immigration laws. All citizens must surrender their exit permissions at the border, and they will be free to go to anywhere in the world, so long as it is dictated on the permissions. If you attempt to enter without exit permissions, you will be detained, tried, and deported." Xanium IX says on the Imperial Podium. "Today is a new day for the Empire of Xaniaus!"

Xanium enters back into the Chamber of the Senate. All 47 senators bow down, when a Master of the Senate states, "We can have foreign relations with nations other than Hadan."
"Yes, we can," Xanium replies. "We will send a request to the nations of the world in due time."


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