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Post by Yuriski on Thu May 07, 2015 8:59 pm

So, to those who are not aware, the RP is most likely going to be open again. HOWEVER, we will no longer be KSPRP. Should enough interest arise, Charzy proposed that a real-world "KSPRP" should be to replace the old KSPRP. Because of this, the forum is going to be completely archived for a week. After 7 days, all KSPRP content will be wiped. Should you want to keep anything, give me a PM and I'll ensure your content gets back to you.

"Why no more kerbals?"

KSPRP was never focused on kerbals or space in the first place. Yes, space exploration was a major theme, however, let's face it. All you people want to do is kill each other in the most inhumane ways possible, and absorb as much of your enemies land as you can. Using kerbals also gives many limitations, that using humans does not: in terms of artwork and fiction, it will be much easier for people to find uniform, vehicle, weapon, etc templates that you otherwise would not find for a kerbals use. Kerbin's geography is also harder to learn than Earth's: I still cannot name all of Kerbin's seas.

"But what will happen to space programs?"

Space programs will still be possible, however there will be less systems for this. They will be seen as a way to flesh out your nation's history, or accompany certain small aspects of the RP, such as technological advancement. Kerbal Space Program shall not be required to accomplish, or fail, space missions.

"What will happen to the current systems?"

Most of the systems will most likely not change. There will probably be a larger focus around international politics, and the effects of certain diplomatic actions. Embargoing a nation's trade, for example, will result in an economic downfall, depending on the size of the nations involved, and their positions in the world. Warfare will also be reorganized, to account for human populations. Economy and taxes may also be revised.

"This sounds great! When does it start?"

As of now, there is no planned start date. Most of this, so far, is simply an idea. The forum will have to be completely reorganized, as well as new posts created, and a possible re-organization of the moderation team.

"This sounds awful, I want KSPRP back!"

The chances of KSPRP returning how it was, is very slim. If there is enough interest, however, I personally wouldn't mind helping moderate. Should the new RP come about, KSPRP will not make a return.

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