Out Of Character Rules

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Out Of Character Rules

Post by Webmaster on Sat May 09, 2015 6:56 pm

These rules are not negotiable. If any user is found breaking these rules, punishments shall be given on a three-strikes-and-you're-out basis.

1) Spamming.
The rule of spam means that your posts and their content must be useful, or should contribute to the forum in general. While this has less importance on the off-topic forum, there are important notes you must abide to. Powerposting (Posting for the sake of a higher post number) is forbidden. Very large images should be spoilered at all times (or kept at a low byte size) and any large .gif file is also to be spoilered. Small .gif files that aren't too intrusive may be used as user avatars. Do not post short or nonsensical posts, and always speak in English (Unless IC demands that you do not, although a translation must be given and spoilered). Use common sense when following this rule. Image only posts are forbidden, and will be deleted without warning (unless there is a meaningful amount of text on the image that relates to the topic).

2) Obscenity.
This board is to be kept at PG-13 at all times. NSFW material such as pornographic elements, blood, gore and 18+ (or for that sake 16+) rated content is not to be posted on this forum. Anything that violates the US law, European Law or the law of your country is strictly forbidden.

3) Advertisement.
It is important that advertisement is applied properly on this forum. Do not link to your own website either with the purpose of recruitment, members, attention, or money. You can link to other sites such as Youtube and Twitter, though.

4) Swearing.
Swearing is allowed on the forum, as long as it isn't directed with harmful intent towards people, such as other users or moderators. Racist, homophobic, sexist language, etc will not be tolerated on this forum in any form. Users found using terms that fall into any of these categories will face an instant ban.

5) Trolling.
Trolling can be subtle, however, we are experienced at rooting it out. Do not distract, derail, or harass users, openly or in a subtle way at any time. Trolling consists of usually advanced methods of lighting up rage and hatred, either from the victim to the troll, or even worse, between two victims. This is intolerable, even as an IC diplomatic tool.

6) Private Messages.
Entirely IC PMs can be shared freely, but OOC PMs cannot be, and you must receive consent from both the sender and the recipient/s of the message to share it. There is an exception to this, however. If you receive a PM that is written in OOC terms, but clearly provides information such that your character would know IC, (such as an offer to join an alliance) that information is considered from that point to be known by the character and can then be revealed. In cases where it's not clear whether or not the above applies, a ruling can be gained from a Gamemaster/the RP Overseer.

Do not harass or attempt to evade rules by doing it through PM, when rooted out, it leads to severe consequence.

7) One Account per Person.
You are only to have a single account on this forum, do not make several for whatever purpose you may want them to serve. Your main account will be temporarily banned, per amount of extra accounts created.

8) Ban Evasion.
If you have offended to the degree that you have been expelled, you are to remain with your sole account. If we find an alternate account/s used by you, both your main account (if not already permanently banned) and extra(s) will be permanently banned. Any accomplices assisting with the evasion of a ban will also face consequences similar to those of the users actions for which the ban was enacted.

9) Impersonation.
Do not impersonate other users or staff at any time: We take such things very seriously and it is strictly forbidden.


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