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Map game! Empty Map game!

Post by MysticPing on Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:15 pm

This is a refined version of something i tried in another community. (That ended up in horrible bordergore). I thought we could try it here but with some actual rules.

The principle is simple: We add one country to the map each and take turns. (so after a full rotation its me again)

1: Only add one nation during your turn.
2: No editing existing nations unless you edit one of your own and add no new nation on that turn. (No super large edits).
4: The world is meant to end up beautiful. Try to keep enclaves at minimum and colonies large instead of lots of small colonies everywhere. (Its ok to have 3-4 small colonies or a couple of large ones, just don't add 40 tiny colonies spread out over all of Africas coast.
5: No pitch black or ice white colors are ok. (Any white color different to the ice is ok, but no pitch black)
6: Save as PNG and no anti-aliasing.
7: If more then half the players participating agrees, the last player has to redo his latest addition.
8: Try to not make too large nations.

Current Members and who's turn it is:

Bold means its that persons turn, if that person does not do anything within a day it goes to the next person.

Jay Dee

Current Map:

Map game! J62gZhE


Turn 1: MysticPing: "Added Sweden"
Turn 2: Jay De: "Added Carthage"

To join just respond and say you want to join, you get added to the end of the queue

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Map game! Empty Re: Map game!

Post by JayDee on Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:37 pm


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