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Premade spreadsheets Empty Premade spreadsheets

Post by MysticPing on Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:30 pm

I decided to share my spreadsheets. It really makes life easier.
Note: Specifically with tech the sheets are unfinished, but this also applies to the rest of them as i'm still adding stuff when i need to

Everything except actual budget or spendings
The rest

Open files and then click file then click "make copy". Feel free to use them.
The first sheet is automated where possible, second one is manual.

Example Usage:

ListerRimmer [18|Mar 06:01 PM]: what to post in VotDS | Caesar15 [18|Mar 06:02 PM]: Something sexy

Soccer [21|May 08:06 AM]: I'll be back >.>

Top8 [02|Mar 04:29 PM]: sounds like a naughty fellow, this professor Fux

[2014-07-13 20:10:06] MysticPing (Victor): Caesars extensive boob research? [2014-07-13 20:10:12] Stephen: Yes
[11:24:57 PM] Ryan Jones: I got nothing better to do than question peoples sex lives
Nah my dick was so confused nothing turned it on

[23:48] Yuriski (Ryan Jones): Then all of a sudden bam, it wants to fuck anything in sight
Tables, lampshades, food blenders
If it exists ill fuck it

[22:46:05] DeltaV: i sure am learning a lot about dino penises today

[21:27:10] DeltaV: you finally found my fetish
[21:27:13] DeltaV: yuri’s fully clothed dad

[23:36:40] Jay Dee: i joined the hitlerjugend

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Premade spreadsheets Empty Re: Premade spreadsheets

Post by borisperrons on Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:00 pm

Jeez mysteec, you're really putting effort in your work! not like jay that useless pissbucket

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