The Democratic Federation of the Huron people revolt!

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The Democratic Federation of the Huron people revolt!

Post by twinky827 on Fri Sep 25, 2015 3:19 am

Today, an army of nearly 5,000 loosely organized rebels bearing the banner of the Democratic Federation of the Huron marched on the largest cities in the kingdom, swiftly overthrowing them with a multitude of weaponry and supplies stolen over the past months since it's founding. The Workers Union, with their much smaller numbers, was unable to do anything in response, and the lack of an organized military from the Kingdom has left the entire nation at risk of total takeover. They stand outside the king's palace, prepared to burn it as he is away on his meeting to the UFS. As it is now, the entire kingdom is under complete control of the nation's biggest cities, and the leader is rumored to be giving a speech soon.

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